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Shop Great Value Mechanical Sewing Machines at Spotlight

Start your sewing journey with a great value mechanical sewing machine. You can find quality manual sewing machines from leading brands including Singer, Elna and Brother at Spotlight. Learn more about mechanical sewing machines below and purchase the best one for your needs.

What Is A Manual Sewing Machine?

A manual or mechanical sewing machine is one that is electrically powered and powered by you, the user, using your arms and legs on a pedal and handwheel. They are often easy to use and cheaper to buy than their computerised sewing machine counterparts, and a high-quality manual sewing machine is great to learn on, as it allows you to get hands-on with everything that comes with using a machine to sew. They are perfect if you plan on using your machine for small repairs and alterations.

Should I Get A Computerised Or Mechanical Sewing Machine?

What kind of sewing machine you end up choosing depends on a few factors and personal preferences. Here's a quick breakdown of the positives of each machine and what they can be used for:

Benefits of Mechanical Sewing Machines

  • Affordable - manual sewing machines are less expensive than digital ones, and they don't have any fancy electronics or screens to worry about.
  • Easy to repair- because of their adorable design, they're easy to repair if something goes wrong.
  • Easy to use - if you're not super tech-savvy, you'll find the simple selections on and use of a manual sewing machine much easier than a computerised one!

Benefits of Computerised Sewing Machines

  • Huge range of extra features - this includes many extra stitches and automatic features like needle threading and thread cutting.
  • No foot pedal is needed - you get the needle moving with a button press, rather than having to constantly move your foot.
  • Precise stitching - the computer does all the work for you, resulting in neat and precise stitches every time.

As you can see, there are great benefits to both sides. If you're after a manual sewing machine, keep an eye out for some of the best mechanical sewing machine brands at Spotlight, such as Elna, Brother and Singer.

What Other Sewing Supplies Can I Find At Spotlight?

  • General purpose fabrics - whether you need to make a bag, a hat or a cushion cover, find the perfect material in our utility fabric section online.
  • Quilting supplies - make a gorgeous quilt with our quilting supplies, which include fabrics, tools and fillings.
  • Ribbons, trims and millinery - add some pizzaz to your sewn creations with a lovely trim or ribbon! They're easy to add on with a mechanical sewing machine.

Find The Right Mechanical Sewing Machine At Spotlight

Find a reliable and quality manual sewing machine here at Spotlight! If you choose to shop online, you can pick from a great range of payment options and enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your order. Alternatively, visit your local Spotlight store and our amazing team will be happy to help you find the best mechanical sewing machine for your needs. Ready to start your sewing journey with a mechanical sewing machine? Get inspired with FREE sewing projects and our interview with talented quilter Jemima Flendt, and try making her beautiful quilt with this tutorial.



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