Get Concert Ready With These 6 Costume Accessories

Get Concert Ready With These 6 Costume Accessories

Preparing for an upcoming concert is always exciting, but how do you decide what to wear? These days dressing up for concerts needs to be comfortable, but also fun! At Spotlight we have heaps of cute and colourful costume accessories you can pair with your favourite concert outfit, as well as some inspiration for what unique accessories you can make to suit the occasion.

Let's go through our top six costume accessories for concerts!

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Enchant Your Jacket With Shimmering Tassels

A denim jacket is the perfect accessory for any pop or country concert, but how can you make it stand out from the crowd? With tassels of course! We've got a huge range of colourful and sparkly fringe trims and tassels you can add to any clothing, but we love the idea of sewing it under the collar and around the back of your jacket so you can wear it like a multicoloured cape. Some of our favourite costume tassels and trims include:

  • Metallic tinsel fringe: This rainbow, metallic fringe is 20cm long, meaning it will just brush your elbows if sewing under the collar of your jacket. The gorgeous rainbow colours means it goes well with any outfit, and the metallic strips will make you look fabulously shiny under the concert lights!
  • Sequin fringes: This beautiful corded trim features shining sequins scattered throughout, giving it a mermaid-like mystique. At 20cm long it can work as a cape-like addition to your jacket, and it comes in a range of colours you can choose to ensure it matches your look.
  • Ombre fringes: The trendy ombre fringe starts in one vivid colour and then fades into another, giving you three different hues on the one accessory. Featuring gorgeous colours like pink, blue, white and purple, these 20cm long fringes will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd!

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Sparkle With Face Gems

Face and body gems are making a comeback from the 90s, and they're the perfect way to add some sparkle to your body without the mess of glitter or the stickiness of face paint. Popular face gem designs include:

  • Framing the outer corners of your eyes with gems about from the edge of your eye.
  • Create a line above your eyebrows using gems, mirroring the natural curve of your brow.
  • Create a line going down from above your eyebrow and curving down your cheek across and underneath your cheekbone.
  • Design a loose triangle shape in the centre of your brow with the point facing down towards the middle of your eyebrows.

You can also use body gems on your shoulders, collarbone and even on your back for a little additional glam!

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Feel Fantastic With A Feather Boa

Grab any of our fluffy feather boas for a whole new look and feel for your concert outfit! Choose from beautiful colours like white, pink, purple or blue, metallics like gold and silver or even a rainbow for your boa. Here are some of our favourite ways to wear a feather boa:

  • Hanging off the shoulders: The simplest way to wear a feather boa is to hang it around your neck with the ends pointing towards the floor like you would a scarf. This leaves the ends free to move as you dance, and you can also grab them and twirl them around if the mood suits you!
  • Wrapped around the neck: For a warmer look that's a little glamorous, wrap the feather boa around your neck like you would a scarf on a cold day. You can leave the ends behind you or perhaps even have one end dangling in front and one at the back.
  • Draped across the arms and behind the back: This elegant look involves having the boa behind you with the bulk of it crossing horizontally along your back, with the ends popping out at your upper arm and then dangling over your forearms.

If you find your boa is shedding feathers, try giving it a spray with a strong hairspray. It won't feel quite as soft and fluffy, but it should keep your feathers in place!

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Get Your Yee-Haw On With A Cowboy Hat

Country music lovers know the importance of choosing the right cowboy hat for your event! At Spotlight we've got a great range of cowboy hats for you to choose from, in both traditional styles and brighter colours that really stand out!

If you're after a more authentic-looking cowboy hat, look for ones in shades of brown. We've got brown cowboy hats with little details like a patterned sash around the base or an upturned brim, or even cowboy hats with a fuzzy flocked texture you'll love to run your hands over!

For a more stand-out cowboy hat, we've also got a daring black cowboy hat with silver stars that will be sure to draw attention! Or go for a more cartoony look with a Toy Story-style hat with upturned edges and bold stitching around the brim.

Make sure to check if the cowboy hat you are interested in has a cord to secure it around your chin or not - if you plan on dancing a lot during your concert, you may need it to stop your cowboy hat from flying off your head.

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Make your own custom DIY Shrink Plastic beaded bracelet

Customise Your Look With Hand-Made Friendship Bracelets

When it comes to jewellery-making, friendship bracelets are one of the easiest accessories to create, and one of the most fun! Friendship bracelets are thin, colourful bracelets that often feature extra-special add-ons like colourful beads, dangling charms and letter beads that can spell your name, your friend's name or even the name of the artist whose concert you're attending.

If you'd like to try your hand at making friendship bracelets, read our helpful blog that details everything you need to know about making them at home. Then you can try your hand at some of our bracelet-making projects - try the Happy and Button friendship bracelet projects to create adorable friendship bracelets you'll never want to take off!

You can get everything you need to make friendship bracelets in our beads and jewellery-making section online.

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Fly Far With A Pair Of Magical Inflatable Wings

Finish off your concert outfit with a pair of colourful inflatable wings! We love inflatable wings because they are light and comfortable to wear, and they are also soft enough that you don't need to worry about poking a fellow concert-goer with the wire of your dress-up wings. Some of our favourite inflatable wings include:

  • Fairy wings: Our gorgeous rainbow fairy wings feature two large wings and two smaller wings in a beautiful 3D design. They loop around your shoulders with two comfortable straps, allowing you to dance and sing unencumbered while still looking fabulous!
  • Butterfly wings: Choose from pastel pink and gold or gorgeous emerald green butterfly wings to suit your costume outfit. These wings inflate quickly and are super comfy to wear all day and night if needed.
  • Dragon wings: Hear us out - our 3D dragon wings are actually so pretty, and perfect for a concert! Coming in a stunning rainbow colour, these foil wings feature beautiful layered feather details that spread wide, commanding the space and taking your concert outfit to the next level.

We've got heaps more wings for you to choose from - make sure to browse the full range online for even more options.

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Be concert ready in matching rainbow feather boas with all your friends

Dress Fabulously For Your Next Concert With Spotlight

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