How To Choose The Best Bathroom Blinds

How To Choose The Best Bathroom Blinds

Privacy in your bathroom is a must-have, but dreamy natural light is also a wonderful way to help elevate the look and feel of your space. That's why the right window coverings are paramount to your bathroom's design - and at Spotlight, our range of window furnishings has something for every bathroom.

When it comes to covering your bathroom windows, specialised bathroom blinds are always your best option. The type of blinds and the materials you should use can vary, but this guide will walk you through all of it, as well as how to best care for your new bathroom blinds - read on and find the best bathroom blinds and bathroom blinds ideas for your space here!

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Why Are Bathroom Blinds Better Than Curtains?

Curtains are a common choice for many when it comes to window furnishings, as they are an elegant, soft covering that comes in many colours and patterns. But one of the places they shouldn't go is the bathroom! Curtains, made from lovely natural materials like cotton, linen and lace, don't handle water and humidity well and can become mouldy and rotten when constantly exposed to the damp air in your bathroom.

The best bathroom blinds, on the other hand, are hardy, easy to clean and, best of all, waterproof! Made from synthetic materials like aluminium, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyester, or acrylic-coated fabrics, waterproof bathroom blinds can resist humidity and water from your bathroom and stay fresh and crisp.

With so many variations in style and material, bathroom blinds are a smart choice for window coverings that give you the ultimate flexibility in both privacy and light control in the bathroom.

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The Best Types Of Blinds To Use In The Bathroom

At Spotlight you'll find three types of blinds that are suitable for use in the bathroom. All of our waterproof bathroom blinds come in a variety of stylish colours for you to choose from, ensuring you can easily match your bathroom blinds of choice to your bathroom's look and bring your bathroom blinds ideas to life. Or if you're doing up your bathroom, let any of our attractive modern blinds guide your bathroom styling choices!

Venetian Blinds

Contemporary and stylish, Venetian blinds are a practical choice in bathrooms of any size. Venetian blinds can be tilted in any direction which gives you control over how much light comes and in which direction it faces, or you can raise them fully to expose your window and enjoy your view outside. Avoid Venetian blinds made of raw timber, as wood can absorb the water from the air in your bathroom and swell, which can cause them to crack and even become rotten.

If you need some Venetian bathroom blind ideas, start with the colour of the blind and go from there. If your bathroom is quite modern and bright, look for PVC or aluminium Venetian blinds in a fresh white colour that will help make the space look even brighter. Or if your bathroom is more quaintly styled, choose any of our faux-wood Venetian blinds in off-white or warm brown, as their lovely texture will fit right in. Or for more muted Venetian blinds look to our deep grey coloured Venetian blinds that will look right at home in any contemporary bathroom.

If you want Venetian blinds that fit your bathroom windows perfectly, look into our made-to-measure Venetian blinds! Our custom-made Venetian blinds have many great features, such as no holes in the slats for complete darkness if needed, additional blades in case of breakage, a valance to cover the headbox and the ability to request special cutouts to fit your window if it's covered by tiles or a door.

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Vertical Blinds

More unusual but no less stylish, our vertical blinds can be easily adjusted to control light levels in your bathroom - or just push them aside to enjoy your view outdoors unobstructed! These sophisticated bathroom blinds are ideal if you have wide, tall windows in the bathroom, and can be operated using a cord or wand to precise control over each slat.

Our vertical blinds come in modern colourways such as dark charcoal, grey stone and pure white, making them easy to style in just about any bathroom. Try to match your vertical blinds to other bathroom accessories in the space - match your charcoal blinds with a black toilet brush holder, grey blinds with a stone vanity benchtop or white blinds with a pearl tumbler and soap dish holder combo in your sink. When choosing vertical panel blinds make sure they are made out of water-resistant materials like polyester, and avoid similar-looking panel blinds made from linen or cotton.

You can purchase custom-made vertical blinds at Spotlight if you want vertical blinds that will fit your bathroom windows perfectly. Our made-to-measure vertical blinds come in fabric or PVC options and allow you to customise features like how they are opened, the opening position, blade finishes and if you'd like a pelmet or not to cover the track - which you can also choose the colour of!

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Roller Blinds

Single and double roller blinds are a favourite in any room of the home, thanks to their excellent coverage and ease of use. Unlike other blinds which contain multiple slats, roller blinds consist of a single sheet of material on a roller that can be lowered or raised to suit your needs. Sheer roller blinds are ideal for letting in light while still maintaining privacy, and they can be combined with blockout blinds on a double roller blind bracket to give you total control over how much light you let into your bathroom.

Bathroom roller blinds should always be made of a material like polyester and PVC so they can withstand the moisture in your bathroom. Watch out for roller blinds that are a blend of polyester and cotton, as these won't be suitable for use in humid areas like the bathroom. Our roller waterproof bathroom blinds come in a collection of stylish neutral colours such as white, sand, cream, oat, silver, grey, charcoal and black, ensuring you can have it blend in or stand out from the rest of your bathroom if needed!

Enjoy perfectly fitted roller blinds by taking advantage of our made-to-measure service. You can get custom-made roller blinds in the single or double style that are easy to use, quiet to operate and come in a variety of stylish colourways to suit your bathroom's existing decor.

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How To Care For Bathroom Blinds

Keeping your bathroom blinds clean is easy, especially when they're made from waterproof, synthetic materials! For all three types of blinds, doing small cleans often is better than doing a few big cleans every year, as smaller cleans will prevent stains from building up.

  • Venetian blinds should be dusted on every slat using a small duster. You can also wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or soapy splashes from your sink or shower. You can use a small handheld vacuum for this, but be careful that you don't damage the strings or handles.
  • Because they hang straight down, vertical blinds won't accumulate much dust - a quick dusting will freshen them right up when needed! If you need to wash your vertical blinds, remove them carefully and place them in a tub of warm water (no hotter than 30?). If you need to, gently scrub at any stains with a soft sponge, then drain and rinse with cold water before laying the flat to dry.
  • Roller blinds should be unrolled fully before cleaning! Use a brush attachment on a vacuum to lightly clean over the surface of your blind, working from left to right, top to bottom. Mix some mild detergent into a bowl of warm water and wipe down your blinds with a soft washcloth, then leave them down to air dry. Do not roll them up until fully dry!

For helpful cleaning supplies you can use with your bathroom blinds, check out our handy cleaning category online.

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Upgrade Your Bathroom With The Best Bathroom Blinds From Spotlight

Looking for some of the best bathroom blinds in Australia? The experts at Spotlight can help! Check out the full made-to-measure page for all our custom curtain and blinds services. You can also shop for bathroom blinds online, safely pay and we'll deliver your bathroom blinds straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our helpful team will assist you in bringing your ideas for bathroom blinds to life with their local selection.

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