15 Beautiful Pool Area Decorating Ideas To Try This Summer

15 Beautiful Pool Area Decorating Ideas To Try This Summer

Whether you're putting in your first backyard pool or just feel like your old pool area could use a refresh, having the right pool area ideas will ensure your space looks classy and inviting to all.

At Spotlight we love a bit of home decorating, and this includes the outdoors too! If you're lucky enough to have your own pool, then deciding how you will decorate your pool area is something we can help with. We've got some great pool decorating ideas for your pool itself and the surrounding space, as well as some pool furniture essentials we think you've got to consider. Read on and check out our amazing pool ideas below!

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Why Good Pool Decor Ideas Matter

Putting in a pool is hard enough, but deciding how to style the space around it? Not easy! A pool that looks like it has just been dropped into the middle of a backyard won't look overly inviting, plus you'll find pools without a proper surround or fencing tend to get dirtier quicker.

A well-designed pool area will entice guests to dive in, as well as socialise in and around your pool area rather than indoors. Smartly-designed pools will also minimise the amount of water that leaves the pool area, and prevent you from getting dirty on your way back inside. So with these positives in mind, let's immerse ourselves in some of the best decorative and functional pool ideas we can find.

Pool Surround Ideas

Here are some great pool surround ideas you can try to create a space that people can relax in comfortably and safely after swimming.

1. Fencing

If your pool or pool area has a fence around it, why not style the fence itself to suit your space? Pool fencing is a necessity to keep young, unsupervised children and animals away from your pool, but that doesn't mean it can't look good!

The classic black metal pool gate will suit any space, and is a particularly good choice for more traditionally-styles homes. This style of fence can also be chosen to match the fencing around the front of your home or a security gate.

A timber fence offers a more warm and rustic look, but must be treated to resist water and weather repeatedly to keep it looking good and up to safety standards. Timber fencing can have panels running horizontally or vertically, and when combined with exotic plants and a good varnish, can also give your pool area a tropical holiday vibe.

Frameless or semi-frameless glass fencing isn't a traditional fence like the rest, but rather consists of glass panels completely surrounding the pool. It provides unobstructed views to the water, while also protecting anyone sitting outside the fence from unwanted splashes.

2. The pool edge

Having at least 2 ft of stone, wood or concrete between the edge of your pool and the grass of your backyard is vital to ensuring two things. One, that dirt doesn't get into the pool from people stepping right off the grass into the water, and two, that your feet don't immediately become dirty and muddy once you climb out of the water. Larger areas will provide more space for sitting and lying down next to the pool at the expense of the grass in your backyard.

Whichever material you choose to line your pool edge with, make sure it is waterproof, non-slip and quick-drying to ensure everyone's safety when getting in and out of the pool.

3. Floristry and Greenery

A few plants (whether real from your backyard or clever faux plants hiding in plain sight) will help keep your pool space feeling luscious and lively, rather than just a concrete hole in the ground. Tall ferns and palms will transport swimmers to a tropical paradise, while a collection of potted succulents will make you feel like you've found an oasis in the desert. Or go for a simpler look with a hedge down one side of your pool fence, which can also help with privacy.

If you have real plants in mind for use around your pool, make sure they are situated away from the water's edge enough so that any splashes won't reach them. Chlorine and salt, both the most popular ways of keeping your pool water clean, will burn your plants and eventually kill them, so keep them away from the water!

4. Decor

A bit of decor around your pool area can go a long way towards making the area feel more luxurious and carefully styled. Some of our favourite decorative pool ideas include a large analog clock face on the wall, a few well-polished mirrors and some pieces of hanging art. These are great ways to uplift your pool area and make it a more enjoyable place to relax in. Arrange some beach towels neatly and use them as a practical and colourful touch for your pool area.

5. Stone accents

A bit of textured stone in your pool area is one of the most popular pool surround ideas, and it's not hard to see why. A textured stone feature wall, smooth stepping stones leading to the pool or a raised stone garden bed all work to give your pool area a holiday-like feel, and can also make your pool look more natural - like you're swimming at the bottom of a rocky gorge, rather than in your own backyard!

Host a summer pool party with family and friends this holiday

Pool Furniture Ideas

Having the right furniture in and around your pool can help make it a more accessible and relaxing place for all your guests. Try any of these pool furniture ideas for a more comfortable pool area!

1. Movable recliners

Recliners are a must-have for relaxing around the pool! There's nothing better than being able to lie back and relax after a swim, and outdoor recliners are designed to be water-resistant and easy to clean, making them perfect for keeping around your pool. Make sure your recliners are easy to move, so you can move them in and out of the shade and away from the water's edge if needed.

2. Set seating with cushions

A few outdoor cushions can go a long way to making your guests more comfortable, and they're also a fantastic opportunity for you to add some splashes of colour to your pool area. Blue and green are popular colour choices, although yellow is another lovely colour that will really make your friends and family feel like they're on holiday!
Make sure your cushions and cushion covers are made from water-resistant or waterproof materials so you don't need to worry about any water damage occurring. UV-resistant covers are also a good idea, as they will prevent the colours from fading in the sun.

3. Shade and outdoor blinds

Providing shade around the pool is a necessity to help prevent your guests from getting sunburned, and will also help guests who are relaxing out of the water keep cool. This can be in the form of a permanent fixture, like a verandah or gazebo, or something you can put up and take away like a shade sail or cabana. Outdoor blinds are also a great way to add shade or separate one area from another.

If you are designing your pool from the ground up, consider having a section of the pool shaded as well, either by plants or shade sail. This will allow swimmers who are more prone to sunburn to still enjoy the water, while still giving plenty of sunny space for others to swim in.

4. Slide

One of the most fun pool ideas you can have is to add a water slide! Water slides are always a hit with kids, and make getting into the water so much more fun for everyone. Whether you're going for a simple straight decline into the water or a more twisted water slide going from a platform or deck, make sure your slide is installed properly and safely to prevent any damage or injuries.

Adults can also enjoy water slides, but make sure your slide is adult-sized if you plan on having it available for swimmers of all ages to enjoy.

5. Pool steps

A simple pool will just have a shallow and a deep end, but adding a few steps into the shallow end can go a long way to making your pool more accessible to your guests. Guests with mobility issues will find using steps a much nicer way of getting into the pool, and steps can provide a place for swimmers to sit and rest while staying in the water as well! And we all have that friend who takes their time getting into any water that isn't bathtub warm - pool steps allow them to take their time and adjust to the temperature, which they'll definitely appreciate.

Pool Decor Ideas

Your pool itself can also be decorated, whether it's to suit the space, event or just for fun!

  1. Inflatables - There's nothing more relaxing than drifting on an inflatable in the pool! Inflatables come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from simple doughnut shapes to unicorns and flamingos. Inflatables are fairly durable, but should still be deflated when not in use to prevent them from being damaged or even from blowing away.
  2. Lights - Lighting in or around your pool is important if you plan on using it safely after dusk. Small downlights on the walls or even the bottom of the pool will give your pool area a mysterious look, as the water will distort the light into intriguing shapes - choose coloured lights for an even more interesting effect! You can also add outdoor lighting around the pool to illuminate the space more brightly or twine string lights around the space, (such as along the pool fence) for decor.
  3. Fountain - A small fountain trickling into your pool can contribute to the look, feel and fun of your pool all at once. Whether your fountain is a simple gap in the pool wall where the water gushes from or a natural-looking rock formation at the end of your pool, fountains will visually help your pool look more resort-like and contribute to its holiday charm. The soothing sound of trickling water is also very relaxing, making a fountain a great idea if you plan on snoozing in and around the pool. Finally, water fountains that lead into the pool can also be a source of fun! Kids will love sticking their heads under them, swimming behind them and splashing around in the stream they create.
  4. Tile colour - While the classic pale blue always creates a lovely-looking pool, you also have the choice to change up the colour to achieve different effects! Choose a green tile to transform your pool into an ancient Roman bath, or go for a mottled brown for a more vintage pool look. You can even transform your pool into a mysterious forest lake with dark grey or black tiles - whichever visual pool ideas you have in mind, tile colour can contribute to it greatly!
  5. Toys/games - Keep the kids entertained with some toys and games for the pool. Inflatable nets and walls are great for playing ball-related games, while sinking toys can be used for all sorts of diving exercises. Keep your smaller toys in a basket or bin near the pool so you always know where they are, and encourage anyone using them to put them away when they're finished with them so your pool always looks neat and tidy!

Like with inflatable lounges, inflatable toys should be deflated when they're not going to be used for a while to prevent them from being damaged or lost. If you want to keep them inflated over a few days, you can store them in a shed or pool house for continued use.

Have fun in the backyard pool with floaties and inflatable seats

Bring Your Pool Area Ideas To Life With Spotlight

Ready to create the pool of your dreams? Start implementing your pool area ideas with the range of outdoor decorating and pool accessories from Spotlight! Shop online, pay your way and we'll deliver your pool supplies straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to do your shopping in person.

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