Fleece vs Flannelette - Which Fabric Is The Best For You? (Plus 5 Crafty Ideas)

Fleece vs Flannelette - Which Fabric Is The Best For You? (Plus 5 Crafty Ideas)

Fleece and flannelette are two materials known for their amazing ability to keep you warm and cosy during winter, but what are these materials and how are they different from each other? At Spotlight we've got a huge range of fleece and flannelette fabrics for you to use in your sewing and craft projects, and this blog will dive into what exactly these two materials are, plus some of our favourite craft projects you can use them in. Read on to discover everything that sets these lovely fabrics apart!

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What Is Fleece?

The word fleece is sometimes used to refer to wool, but what is fleece when we use it for sewing? Fluffy and warm, fleece is usually made from man-made polyester, although you can also find polyester/cotton blends and pure cotton fleece fabrics available. Fleece was made to mimic the look and feel of wool. As a synthetic fabric, fleece comes in an amazing range of colours, patterns and prints which makes it ideal for use in all sorts of fun and colourful crafts - plus, it repels water!

Fleece has a lovely, fuzzy texture and is a stretchy material - higher quality fleeces will spring back to their original shape after being stretched. It can be used to make blankets and clothing like light jackets, pyjamas, and sportswear, and is also useful for use as a lining for outerwear like coats. Most fleece is fuzzy on one side and smoother on the other.

What is polar fleece?

Made from the same materials as regular fleece, polar fleece differs because it has a fuzzy texture on both sides and feels heavier than regular fleece. The heavier the polar fleece, the warmer it will feel. Polar fleece is really useful for warm outer clothing and can even be used as a part of snow gear!

What Is Flannelette?

Flannelette is made from cotton that has been brushed or napped on one or both sides to give it a fuzzy finish. Flannelette is super cosy, soft on the skin and breathable, allowing air to pass through the fabric.

Flannelette is often used for pyjamas and bed linen, helping you sleep comfortably on cold nights without overheating. Because it is a breathable material flannelette keeps you warm but not too hot while you rest, as well as absorbing any excess moisture from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable. It comes in many cute colours and patterns, so it's loved by adults and kids alike!

Blue printed patterned fleece and flannelette fabric

Our Favourite Fleece And Flannelette Crafts

You can make heaps of soft and cuddy projects if you choose to sew with fleece or flannelette. For more information on sewing with these fabrics, read our helpful blog on sewing with fleece and flannelette.

Here are five of our favourite flannelette and fleece fabric crafts we think you should try.

1. Fleece dog coat

This adorable dog coat fastens with velcro and can be custom-created to suit the measurements of your dog. Choose your favourite fleece fabric pattern or print that suits your dog and enjoy keeping your best buddy warm and cosy, as well as stylish!

2. Fleece water bottle covers

Hot water bottles are a delightful way to warm yourself up on cold days and can also be applied to areas of the body to relieve pain. Make your hot water bottle even cuddlier by creating a soft and fuzzy fleece cover for it that you'll love to hold as you warm up.

3. Fleece headbands

These soft and cute headbands are made from cosy fleece and make the perfect accessory for when you need to feel cute! They don't have any hard clips or teeth in them, so they can even be worn by babies.

4. Flannelette cot sheet

Create a custom patterned base for your cot with this flannelette cot sheet project. It's a great project to practice using elastic and sharpening your overlock seam skills, and creates a soft, warm and breathable surface for your baby to relax on.

5. Flannelette ballet flats

Little ballerinas will love these soft and colourful flannelette ballet flats! Match your ribbon colour to the hues featured on your chosen fabric for a more coordinated look or go for contrasting colours for more eye-catching shoes. This project involves a few more difficult sewing techniques, so is more suited to experienced sewists.

For more fun flannelette and fleece fabric crafts, read through our entire collection of sewing projects!

2 Dogs wearing our DIY Fleece Dog Coat Project

Enjoy Beautiful Fleece And Flannelette Fabrics From Spotlight

Fleece and flannelette are both warm and comfortable to wear and fun to sew with! Shop for sewing fabrics online, pay your way and we'll deliver your materials straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the right flannelette or fleece for your next project.




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