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Ideal for homes with limited outdoor drying space or those wishing to air dry their laundry while avoiding harsh weather conditions, clothes airers and drying racks enable you to air dry your laundry inside. No need to check the weather, simply set up your clothes drying rack in an open space to allow room for drying and hang your wet laundry on the rungs to allow it to dry. Using electrical dryers can be costly. To save money, dry clothes on clothes airers. Position the drying rack in any dry space. Drying racks can also be positioned in outdoor airers, providing you with the flexibility to dry your laundry both inside and outdoors.

Clothes Airers And Drying Racks FAQs

What is a clothes airer?

A clothes airer is designed to provide you with a place to hang your wet clothes inside, allowing them to air dry. Perfect for apartments or homes without a clothesline in the backyard, clothes airers are particularly excellent for winter, as they save electricity commonly associated with the dryer while also allowing you to dry your clothes indoors.

How to use a drying rack?

Make sure to spread your garments out generously on the rungs of your indoor clothes drying rack. It is also important to make sure that any garments or clothes are not stacked upon one another as this can prolong the drying time for your items. Position your drying rack in open and dry spaces for optimal drying.

How to store a drying rack?

Depending on the design, clothes drying racks are typically easy to store. An extendable clothes airer is usually the best option for busy homes as they can fold down to smaller sizes and easily fit into cupboards or wardrobes. This makes an extendable clothes airer a great option for smaller homes with limited storage. Ensure the storage area is dry to prevent mould. You may also decide to use wall hooks to hang the rack when not in use, maximising floor space.

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