7 Ways To Style Lamps In Your Home

7 Ways To Style Lamps In Your Home

Want to establish a homely ambience in your living space? Incorporating the alluring glow of lamps not only brings an additional lighting option, but also elevates your home styling with a luxurious aesthetic. Lamps are available in a wide range of colours and styles to seamlessly integrate into your existing home decor style. At Spotlight, you can choose from a great range of table lamps and floor lamps to illuminate your space.

Whether you want to bring more lighting to your space or looking for stylish lamp decor, this blog will go through everything you need to know about how to style lamps in your home.

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  1. Match Lamp Textures And Colours With Your Decor Style
  2. Take Advantage Of Vertical Space With Pendant Lamps
  3. Use Lamps To Bring Life To Empty Corners
  4. Textured, Romantic Lampshades For A Vintage Look
  5. Throw Light By Combining Lamps With Mirrors And Artwork
  6. Arrange At Your Entryway For A Welcoming Space
  7. Arranging Lamps On Your Bedside

Assorted table lamps with fabric lamp shades

1. Match Lamp Textures And Colours With Your Decor Style

When glowing, lamps highlight the colour and texture of your lamp bases. Selecting lamps based on textures and colours to coordinate with your decor style will elevate any space.

Ribbed And Sculpted Textures

Ribbed and sculpted lamp bases introduce a textural charm into any room they are placed in. Available in a wide range of designs, textured lamp bases act as a work of art that elevates your home styling with a sense of intrigue.

Subtle, ribbed lamp decor complements a minimalist and coastal style of decor while more prominent textures and shapes like sculpted structures act to complement more of a maximalist style of decorating.

Rounded lamp decor bases introduce a soft approach to decorating while more rigid bases such as squares and sharp rectangles work to create a more structured inspired style of decorating. The material used in the construction of the lamp base contributes to the overall theme of your home. Textured wood brings a rustic touch while metallic bases with geometric lines and shapes introduce an industrial, contemporary aesthetic to your space.

Using Colour To Establish A Decor Theme

Depending on your decor style, you may opt for vibrant-toned lamps to contribute to a colourful decor scheme. Table lamps with bases of stunning pink and blues incorporated into the design are perfect for introducing a whimsical charm to your home styling.

Lamps with lighter colour palettes, including soft beiges and whites, promote a minimalist decor style and effortlessly complement a minimalist and coastal style of decor.

Incorporating metallic golds and silvers immediately evokes a touch of sophistication. Table and floor lamps in these colour tones will have you creating a luxurious decor theme. These colours, although essentially neutral tones, have an added flair that result in the lamps becoming an eye-catching decorative piece. Combine these elements of textural bases with attention to colour tone to ensure the lamps effortlessly coordinate with your decorative scheme.

2. Take Advantage Of Vertical Space With Pendant Lamps

Incorporating lamps into your decor theme may prove difficult for smaller rooms and spaces. Take advantage of ceiling spaces by installing pendant lamps. This is a great approach for adding mood lighting while still contributing to your decor theme.

These lamps are ideal for when surface space is limited, for example in kitchen and dining areas where adequate bench and tabletop surfaces are required. Pendant hanging lamps are also great in hallways, illuminating otherwise darker spaces and highlighting your decorative hall runner or rug. Providing a seamless display of mood lighting, they offer a stylish approach to downlights and assist in decluttering your space.

Pendant lamp decor is available in a range of sizes and colour options. Boasting luxury and elegance, they are a great option for transforming any room into an inviting space.

Cooper & Co Azura Brown Ceramic Base Table Lamp

3. Use Lamps To Bring Life To Empty Corners

Illuminate any corner of your home with the alluring glow of lamps. These lamps brighten up any room, maximising space.

Create a peaceful reading nook in any empty corner by combining the light of your lamps with other decor pieces. Display table lamps next to a shelf or style a floor lamp alongside an armchair to establish a place to relax and unwind with a good book.

Learning how to style a floor lamp can sometimes be tricky. In certain circumstances such as smaller spaces, less is more. Allow your floor lamp to elevate your interior decor by itself. Simply style the floor lamp on its own and let the illuminating glow brighten any corner.

Placing your lamps away from central light sources in empty corners helps to create a balance between harsh downlights and creates an alluring glow that results in a homely ambience.

Cooper & Co St Lucia Natural Table Lamp

4. Romantic Lampshades For A Vintage Look

When shopping around for the right lamp for your home, it's important to consider the texture and design of the lampshade and its effect on distributing light into your space.

Most lampshades allow light to emit from the top, bottom and slightly through the lampshade to provide adequate lighting to your space.

Lamp shades in a dark colour tone emit a warm and comforting glow that transforms any room into a homely space.

Textured lamp shades allow light from the globe to seep through, creating an eye-catching display of light and shadows. Other lamp shades feature fringed details for an added vintage charm. The captivating display of light and shadow transforms your space into a sophisticated environment.

Cooper & Co Avi Black Floor Lamp with gold detailing

5. Throw Light By Combining Lamps With Mirrors And Artwork

Incorporating mirrors and artwork into your home decor opens up spaces while introducing an elegant charm. Styling a floor lamp alongside wall-mounted decor decorative pieces allows light to bounce off the artwork, adding depth and dimension to your space.

To set the mood, styling lamps on a console table underneath a wall-mounted mirror offers an ambient glow that opens up your living space while providing lighting for you to check your reflection.

Coordinate the colours of your artwork alongside the style and colour of your lamp for a cohesive decor theme.

When pairing lamps with a decorative piece, it highlights the artwork while creating a playful shadow that opens up your space, making it perfect for smaller living spaces. Opt for rounded mirrors and patchwork artwork for a delightful display of shape, texture and colour.

6. Arrange At Your Entryway For A Welcoming Space

Create a welcoming display in your entranceway by incorporating table lamps into your console table setting. You may choose to select two of the same table lamps, positioning one at each end for a balanced display. This causes the decor items between the table lamps to become the forefront of your display while also creating a welcoming space to introduce guests to your home.

Alternatively, you may place your table lamp decor on window sills, illuminating the entrance to your home.

7. Arranging Lamps On Your Bedside

To improve the functionality of your space, bedside lamps are a valuable addition to any bedroom. Allowing you to relax and unwind in bed without having to disrupt your comfort by getting up to turn off the downlight, styling lamps on your bedside provides an easily accessible and cosy lighting solution. When coordinating table lamps are placed on opposite bedside tables, it creates a balanced and cohesive bedding arrangement for a sleek and elegant decorative style.

Often smaller bedrooms may feel cluttered by displaying table lamps on your bedside table. Replacing this arrangement with coordinating floor lamps maximises space while also continuing to provide an adequate light source for those wanting to read in bed. Whether you opt for a downward-casting floor lamp or one that emits light from both ends, floor lamps exude luxury. When displayed by itself next to your bedding arrangement, a floor lamp effortlessly brings a minimalist charm to your bedroom that promotes relaxation with their sleek design.

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