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Shop Essential Sewing Machine Bobbins at Spotlight

For such a small thing, sewing machine bobbins are definitely one of the most important sewing machine parts you can own. Shop the vast range of great value sewing machine bobbins so you can get sewing and creating! Find metal bobbins and plastic bobbins in a range of sizes to suit your sewing machine.

What Is A Bobbin?

Essentially a compact pool of thread designed for a sewing machine, bobbins sit under your needle and are the second source of thread for your sewing machine, with the first being your original spool of thread that sits at the top of your machine. Bobbins can be wound on the machine themselves, and will usually be made of either plastic or metal. If you own more than one sewing machine, make sure to check the instructions of your sewing machines to see exactly what kind of bobbin for sewing machines they use, as using one not designed for your machine can damage the bobbin, machine and make a mess of your project!

How Do I Change A Bobbin Over In My Sewing Machine?

Changing over a bobbin is easy, and it will fit in one of two places depending if your machine is a front loader or top loader. A front loader may need you to remove some sort of cover to unearth the loading space, while in a top loader the bobbin can pretty much be dropped in right under your needle. There will be plenty of pictures and written instructions both in your sewing machine's manual and on the machine itself, so look carefully for things like which way your bobbin needs to face and how to remove any excess thread.

A handy tip - always have an extra bobbin pre-wound so you don't need to interrupt your sewing to wind a fresh bobbin once the one in your machine runs out.

What Other Sewing Accessories Can I Find At Spotlight?

  • Sewing machines - bobbins aren't much use without a sewing machine, so find one that's right for you at Spotlight! We have an excellent range of both manual and computerised sewing machines, from leading brands such as Singer, Elna and Brother.
  • Machine needles - whether you need them thick or thin, short or long, Spotlight's range of sewing machine needles will have what you need to continue sewing after a needle has become blunt or breaks.
  • Quilting supplies - make a colourful quilt with our specialised quilting fabrics and tools. You can find quilting fabrics, machines, needles and both wadding and backing here at Spotlight.

If you find yourself needing more, browse our entire range of sewing machine parts online.

Find The Right Sewing Bobbins At Spotlight

You can never have too many sewing machine bobbins - find the right kind for your sewing machine at Spotlight, as well as plenty of other sewing machine spare parts! Visit your local Spotlight store to find your bobbins in person, or check out the range online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery. Check out our stunning range of sewing patterns available to purchase, or have a look through our fun sewing projects for even more fun clothing and accessories to create!



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