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When it comes to comfortable sleep for a good night's rest, we've got you covered with our range of bedspreads, coverlets and comforter sets for creating enticing beds of all styles and sizes. With sizes from single to queen and king size coverlets and bedspreads, explore our entire range today!

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Every Home Needs Quality Bedspreads, Comforters & Coverlets

Warm, cosy comforters, bed coverlets and bedspreads turn plain beds into something special. But it's worthwhile knowing the differences so you can get the look and feel that you want.

Be it a king, queen, double or single bed size, a traditional bedspread covers the entirety of the bed, including your pillows, often falling all the way to the floor. Whereas a coverlet is a smaller and lighter form of bedspread or bedspread accompaniment.

Bed coverlets are traditionally quilted or woven, lighter in weight and available in a wide selection of colours, styles, sizes and materials - the most common fabrics being cotton and linen. Many people fold a quilted coverlet at the foot of the bed for an extra decorative flourish, and when teamed with pillows, cushions and bed linen, coverlets can give your bedroom design a refresh without the hefty price tag.

Bedspreads are ideal for people who want a more elegant or traditional look in their bedroom, not to mention more coverage over the bed than a coverlet, doona or quilt. Like coverlets, bedspreads come in almost every size, colour, style and material you could possibly imagine.

Why Choose Coverlets or Bedspreads?

There are some distinct advantages to choosing coverlets over bedspreads and vice versa. Specifically, coverlets are perfect in warmer weather or for kids and adults who don't like the feeling of being weighed down under heavy bedding. They're also versatile, looking just as good draped over an armchair or sofa, similar to how you would style a throw.

Bedspreads are traditionally heavier than a coverlet, so they're ideal for adults and kids who feel the cold at night or sleep better when they can maintain a warmer body temperature. Because they come in a range of patterns or prints, they're excellent for adding the final touches to kids themed bedrooms or making a bold, central design statement in the room.

Whether you're a bedspread, comforter or a coverlet fan, they are easy to care for and maintain, giving you plenty of sweet dreams and restful nights.

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Find the Right Comforter Sets, Coverlets & Bedspreads at Spotlight

Ready to purchase? You can click through our extensive range of coverlets and bedspreads online. First, check out our buying guide on what kind of bed linen and sheets to choose where you will discover heaps of practical tips and information for getting the right bed linen.

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