Introducing the Caron Ogo Yarn Range

Introducing the Caron Ogo Yarn Range

The next innovation in yarn has arrived. Caron Colorama Ogo yarn features the gorgeous colours and hue transitions made famous by the Caron Cakes, but in a new format that avid knitters are going to love. Find Caron Ogo yarn online at Spotlight and start your next knitting or crochet project today!

What is Caron Colorama Ogo?

The newest offering from caron yarn, the Colorama Ogo was created using feedback from knitters concerning their two biggest gripes - the yarn barf (where unwanted yarn spills out of a skein when you pull on the end), and tangles forming in the loose yarn as they work. The unique shape and creation of the Colorama Ogo yarn solves these problems - simply snip the connecting cord, pull it out and begin to stitch!

Instead of unravelling from a round skein, you can pull your yarn freely from its position and it will neatly unfurl as you use it. This stops unwanted yarn from tumbling free, plus the smooth design prevents it from tangling as you work.

Made from 100% acrylic, this yarn is perfect for knitting and crocheting, plus the colour transitions mean you can start knitting straight away!

What can I make with Caron Ogo?

The Caron Colorama Ogo acrylic yarn can be used to make classic knitting projects like beanies, scarves, jumpers and blankets. The beautiful transitioning colours make creating projects with gradients a breeze, but you can also easily separate the colours to create your own combinations. This bulky yarn is easy to use for beginners and, thanks to the clever design, is a great way to jump straight into a project - no de-tangling required!

Caron Ogo Yarn Range

Find Caron Ogo at Spotlight

Find Caron Colorama Ogo yarn at Spotlight in a great variety of gorgeous colours, perfect for knitting and crocheting. You can view Caron Ogo yarn, and many other varieties, in our online store or at your local Spotlight store.

For any other knitting and crocheting supplies you need, our buying guides will help you choose the right products with confidence. And if you want more ideas to make with your Caron Ogo yarn, our sewing projects page will provide the inspiration you need!




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