Hessian material is natural and stylish which can be used for home decors, rustic accents and more. Shop our selection of hessian fabric at Spotlight.

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Can I purchase hessian fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight stocks a variety of gorgeous hessian fabrics, some simple and plain, others with delicate designs overlaid on the background in a whole range of different styles. Hessian is a natural, breathable fabric and its style is very much in fashion for items such as bags, objects around the home, craft work, and more. Take a look at all the different hessian fabrics on offer at Spotlight today!

How is hessian fabric made?

Hessian, also known as Burlap in America and Canada, and as Crocus in Jamaica, is a woven fabric made from the skin of the jute plant or sisal fibres, sometimes combined with other vegetable fibres. Hessian has a coarse texture that is a result of the strong jute fibres. The textile is very durable, heat resistant and easy to dye. Its course texture also lends itself to being embroidered, for an individual and unique piece of decoration.

What can I use hessian fabric for?

Years ago, hessian was very much a utility cloth, used for uniforms, coffee sacks, sandbags and such. These days, the more refined hessian on the market can be used for a variety of applications. It makes great eco-friendly shopping bags, being similar to jute fabric, and it can also be used to make cushions, cover pin boards, or to make decorative objects for around the home. It is also fashionable for vintage weddings, where it is often used together with lace to make decorations such as chair sashes, table coverings and bunting. Hessian fabric would make a great choice to cover a room screen or to cover a collection of empty shoe boxes and turn them into storage baskets. You will find many inspirational ideas online that are fun and simple to create.

What types of hessian fabric can I buy at Spotlight?

At Spotlight, you will find both plain hessian, in a range of colours, as well as printed hessian, with a great variety of designs including simple but striking designs in one or more colours, and even metallic printed hessian for a distinct designer look. All our hessian fabrics are available by the metre, and you can even purchase a 10-metre bolt of hessian fabric in one piece for large projects.

Does Spotlight stock other fabrics too?

Yes, Spotlight stocks a wide range of fabrics. Some fabrics that may be similar to hessian are jute, calico and duck, but you will also find many different types of dressmaking fabrics at Spotlight, including special fabrics, as well as curtain and blind fabric, interior design and upholstery fabric, and craft fabrics. General purpose fabrics and weatherproofed fabrics are also on offer, as are all the tools, accessories and essentials you may need to complete your project.



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