How to make a pom pom in 4 different ways

How to make a pom pom in 4 different ways

What's not to love about pom poms? They're soft, fluffy, light and can be made in any colour of the rainbow… plus they're easy to create at home in a matter of minutes! Making pom poms is an activity crafters of all ages and experiences can enjoy, and you can make them using simple craft accessories you have at home, or even just your hands. There are four main ways of pom pom making that we'll go over for you here, including what you need, how to do it and even how to make beautiful multicoloured pom poms. Read on to discover how to make pom poms at home!

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What are pom poms?

If you're unfamiliar with pom poms, here's a quick rundown of this popular craft and clothing accessory. Pom poms are usually made from acrylic yarn or wool, and you'll often see them on the top of beanies, dangling from scarves and even adorning hats and shoes! Small pom poms are also popular craft accessories, and can be found in many a handmade craft project. Pom pom DIY is a soothing and easy craft, and you'll find making multiple pom poms for your craft projects so much fun!

What do I need for making pom poms?

You don't need much for making pom poms!

You don't need much for making a pom pom, do you? Luckily, making pom poms is as easy as gathering your supplies!

How to make pom poms

Now that you have everything you need, let's make some pom poms! Here are the main methods for how to make a pom pom with wool or acrylic yarn:

Method one - how to use a pom pom maker

Your chosen pom pom maker will have its own instructions, and each pom pom maker may function a little differently. These instructions should work for most pom pom makers on the market.

  1. Open up the pom pom maker and wind your yarn around each section, until none of the plastic is visible.
  2. Close the two halves until they come together as a complete circle. If your pom pom maker has a latch or clasp, close it here.
  3. Cut around the edge of the pom pom maker with your scissors while holding the middle of the pom pom maker tightly with your thumb.
  4. Cut a length of yarn and insert it into the groove around the edge, and tie it tightly.
  5. Open up the pom pom maker and pull the two pieces off your pom pom. Trim the edges with your scissors to make a neat sphere.

Method two - how to make pom poms with a fork

Please note that using a fork creates a smaller pom pom than the other methods - perfect for attaching to a scarf or bunting! Follow these steps to learn how to make pom poms with a fork:

  1. Wrap your yarn around the tongs of the fork until you have a nice, thick bundle.
  2. Cut a roughly 15cm length of yarn and tie it around your bundle by sliding it through the centre prongs of the fork. Tie it nice and tight - you may like to wrap it around more than once.
  3. Pull the yarn off the fork, holding it tightly. Trim around the outside of the bundle with your scissors until it opens up into the classic pom pom shape.
  4. Trim any longer ends so your pom pom looks neat.
Methods for making pom poms

Method three - fingers

Using your hand naturally creates pom poms that aren't totally perfect - but that's all part of their charm!

  1. Hold your hand out flat with your fingers together and tuck the end of the yarn under your thumb.
  2. Wrap the yarn around your fingers, making sure to keep hold of the end with your thumb. Do not wrap it too tightly, otherwise you won't be able to get it off your hand. For a smaller pom pom, wrap it around fewer fingers.
  3. When you are happy with the size, slide the loops carefully off your hand, making sure they all stay together in a bundle.
  4. Cut a 15cm length of yarn and wrap it tightly around the middle of your bundle. You can leave the ends long if you want to attach this pom pom to something, otherwise cut them short.
  5. Cut around the perimeter of the bundle to make the yarn fibres puff out into a spherical shape.
  6. Fluff your pom pom and trims the ends so it looks neat.

Method four - how to make a pom pom with cardboard rings

You can make pom poms of any size with this method. The size you cut your cardboard rings will determine the size of the pom pom - use large pieces of cardboard to make mega pom poms! Here is how to make a pom pom with cardboard rings:

  1. Trace two circles of the same size on your cardboard, and use a smaller item to trace the inner circles. Coins or paper tubes are great for the inner circles, while water bottles and coasters can be used for the outer ones.
  2. Cut out your two circles, cut a small gap in each and cut out the inner circle as well.
  3. Stack each piece together so their gaps are matching up, then begin winding yarn around them using the gap.
  4. Once you have covered all the card in yarn, hold the centre tightly and cut around the edge of the circle, using the gap between the two pieces to get your scissors into.
  5. Cut a long piece of yarn and wrap it around the centre by threading it through the two pieces of card. Tie it tightly.
  6. Pull off the card rings and fluff up your pom pom before trimming any long ends.

How to make multicoloured and rainbow patch pom poms

Did you know you can make pom poms with multiple colours? It's actually pretty easy! If you've mastered making regular pom poms, try making multicoloured and rainbow patch pom poms.

How to make multicoloured pom poms

You can make multicoloured pom poms using any of the methods discussed above. Choose your yarn colours (three is usually a good number), and when wrapping your yarn, wrap three different coloured threads at once instead of one. It's that easy!

How to make rainbow patch pom poms

This is easiest to do when using the pom pom maker or cardboard circle methods. To make pom poms with coloured patches, you will need to wrap your pom pom in sections. When wrapping, use one colour to wrap roughly ? of your circle, and make it nice and thick. Make sure to wrap over the ends of your yarn so it stays in place. Then start a new colour right next to it, overlapping them slightly. Continue to wrap in thick sections until the whole pom pom maker/circle is covered in even colours. Then cut through them as normal! You will have a pom pom with clearly defined sections when finished.

What can I do with my pom poms?

Once you have made your pom poms, you can use them in all sorts of fun ways! Here are some of our favourites:

  1. Pom pom animals - combine two pom poms, some googly eyes a few little felt shapes and you can create all sorts of adorable pom pom animals! Combine pom poms by tying the ends of the yarn used to bind the pom poms together with each other. Use craft glue to attach your eyes and other shapes to the pom poms.
  2. Pom pom decorations - hang your pom poms somewhere for all to see by making a pom pom garland or wall hanging! Hang the pom poms as they are, or create larger shapes like flowers or ice cream cones to suit the occasion.
  3. Pom pom accessories - you'll often see pom poms bobbling on the tops of beanies or on the ends of scarves. You can attach them by keeping the ends of the yarn you use to tie the pom pom up long, then threading the ends into your project. Check out these wool scarf and crochet beanie projects for inspiration!

We have many other projects featuring pom poms you can try, including making a dangling mobile, wall deco and even a cosy rug!

What can I do with my pom poms?

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