Our favourite Caron Ogo yarn patterns and projects

Our favourite Caron Ogo yarn patterns and projects

With its anti-tangle design and beautiful transitory colours, Caron Ogo yarn is a dream to use for all your knitting and crochet projects. Got your hands on some of this yarn but are not sure how to proceed? We at Spotlight have collected our three favourite knitting projects for this yarn that range from easy to moderate in difficulty.

What is Caron Ogo?

If you're not across it yet, here's a quick rundown on Caron Ogo yarn. Unlike most yarns that come in a cake or ball, Caron Ogo yarn comes in a unique circular shape that is joined by a plastic cord. To start using the thread, you simply snip the cord, pull it out of the yarn circle and then pull the end of the yarn to begin your project.

The unique design of Caron Ogo yarn means it won't spill free from its shape as you pull or tangle. If you like the order of the yarn colours in the packaging, you can start knitting and keep going as the colours neatly transition, Otherwise, the colours are easy to separate and use in your desired order.

Our favourite projects

Ready to begin? Check out some of our favourite Caron Ogo projects below:

Caron Ogo Yarn Projects

Stripes knit sweater - beginner

This cosy sweater is surprisingly easy to make for even beginner knitters. Its cute stripe pattern is easy to create thanks to the coordinated colours in the Tabby yarn and it can be modified to fit anyone, from an XS to a 5XL. This is also a great project for beginners as you will learn how to use stitch markers - handy little tags you can use while knitting or crocheting to mark a certain place in your project.

Dippity Doo Hat

Dippity doo hat - beginner

This eye-catching hat is also suitable for beginner crocheters and uses the gorgeous Lippy colour in the Caron Ogo range. This project will take you through how to make the base, crown and pompom of this hat in perfect detail, as well as clear notes on tension, hook size and stripe pattern. This is a one size fits all project!

Dash around crochet hat - intermediate

If you are a more experienced crochet hobbyist, this beanie is the perfect project for you to make with your Caron Ogo yarn. Using the breezy Baja colour, this project will have you using a mix of basic and intermediate crochet techniques, all while taking advantage of the yarn's transitory colours. This beanie is sized to fit any adult.

Find Caron Ogo at Spotlight

If you want to give the amazing Caron Ogo yarn a try, you can find it in a variety of beautiful colours online here! Get your yarn delivered, pick it up with click and collect or find it at your closest Spotlight store instead.

Refresh your yarn supplies from our expansive collection of yarn supplies, and don't forget you can find all the knitting and crochet tools you need with us as well.

Choose the right supplies by checking out our buying guides, and for more project ideas feel free to visit our knitting and crochet projects page online.




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