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Get rid of tough stains from your favourite garments with stain removers from Spotlight. Shop clothes stain removers online for easy stain removing process.

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Discover Valuable Stain Removal Tools At Spotlight

Removing stains may be tricky, so take advantage of stain removers from Spotlight! With removers to target the most common stains, our stain removal range makes it easy to find one for your garment needs.

You can find handy stain removal solutions here at Spotlight!

How you can remove stains

There are many approaches to removing stains from clothing and fabrics. Stain removers are available in liquid, sachet, sprays and roll-on forms to best suit a wide range of garments. Make sure to always read the instructions before using stain removers on your clothing and fabrics.

Stain Removal FAQs

What is a stain remover?

A stain remover assists in clearing away marks or spots left behind on garments. Stain removers contain a variety of ingredients to target stains and maintain the appearance of your clothing. They are available in a range of sizes, making them exceptional companions both for home use and when travelling.

How to remove stains from clothing.

Each stain remover has a different set of instructions depending on the type of stain you're wanting to remove. Most solutions require the formula to sit on the stain and allow it to set in for a few minutes after the application before cleaning with a damp cloth until all traces of the stain have been removed.

How to remove set stains

Often you may discover stains on clothing you haven't noticed before. Stain removers may assist in minimising the appearance of such unnoticed stains left behind from cooking, gardening or socialising.

What else can I find at Spotlight?

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Find the right stain remover at Spotlight

Whether you're looking for a quick solution for new stains or want to remove old set stains, you can find stain removers at Spotlight here! Shop online, safely pay and we'll deliver your stain removal straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store, where our friendly team will help you choose the perfect stain remover for your needs.

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