DIY Book Week Costume: How to make a kids' Gumnut Baby costume

DIY Book Week Costume: How to make a kids' Gumnut Baby costume

It's nearly time for CBCA Book Week. If you've got kids in primary school, you'll know what that means: time for some literary-themed kids' Book Week costumes. (And plenty of reading, of course!)

One book that never goes out of style is Snugglepot and Cuddlepie by May Gibbs, featuring the cheeky adventures of Australia's very own bush fairies. If your little one is captivated by these cute characters, why not help them play one for a day with this clever (and easy!) DIY Gumnut Baby costume?

All you need is a hot glue gun and scissors, plus some fabric, hairclips, ribbon and pom poms to pull off this simple DIY costume. Learn how to make it your own with our step-by-step video, and easy project instructions. Best of all: if you're looking for a quick DIY costume, this one doesn't even need sewing! Just some cutting and gluing, and a teeny bit of Gumnut magic.

Your own little bush fairy might even like to help out making the costume before wearing it to school with pride. Afterwards, it'll be a great addition to the dress-up box. Especially when it's time to curl up with a Gumnut Baby tale and read some adventures together.

No matter what your little book worms are into - or how much time you have on your hands, or how last-minute you're leaving things - we have dress-up ideas aplenty, with costume sets and accessories and all the face paints you and the kids could wish for. Whether your little one dresses as Snugglepot this year, or their favourite wizard or superhero, we hope they'll be inspired and excited for more reading ahead. Happy Book Week!




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