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Fully enjoy your favourite wine with our range of wine glasses that come in different styles. Shop wine glasses at a great price at Spotlight today!

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Enjoy Quality Wine Glasses From Spotlight

No matter if your choice of tipple is red, white or rosé, you can find beautiful wine glasses to drink them out of at Spotlight. Designed to allow you to enjoy the taste and aroma of your wine to the fullest, our elegant wine glasses come in handy packs of four and six so you will always have enough on hand to entertain with. Discover your next classic or stemless wine glasses right here at Spotlight!

Wine Glasses For Red, White And More!

The wine glasses at Spotlight are suitable for red wines, white wines and rosé (for sparkling wine, please browse our range of champagne flutes). From small, delicate wine glasses to more durable large wine glasses, we have the wine glass to suit your style of drinking! You can also use stemless wine glasses for more casual events, although keeping a wine glass this way can make it warm up from your hand. If you've ever asked 'why do wine glasses have stems?', this is why! Look for reputable brands like Casa Domani, Alpen and Mode Home to match your wine glasses to other homewares in your kitchen.

Wine Glasses FAQ

What is a wine glass?

A wine glass is a drinking glass with a thin stem and flat base, designed to allow you to aerate the wine before drinking. Wine glasses come in a few different sizes, but what's important is to leave plenty of empty space in the glass so your wine has room to breathe. Some glasses do not have a stem to hold - these are called stemless wine glasses and tend to be used in more casual settings or for wines that are served warm, like mulled or spiced wine. Wine glasses can come in plastic or glass varieties, with plastic only suitable for cold wines and casual occasions.

How to pack wine glasses

Whether you are moving house or just taking your own glassware to an event, packing your wine glasses correctly will ensure they make it there in one piece. Ensure you have a thick and durable cardboard box for your wine glasses and plenty of packing paper and cardboard inserts. Wrap each glass in a few layers of packing paper like a burrito until it is adequately cushioned, then store each one upright in your box on top of more packing paper and a cardboard insert. Stuff any empty space with paper for extra protection, then close the box and ensure it remains upright during your travel.

How to clean wine glasses

The best way to wash your wine glasses is by hand, although if your wine glasses are particularly durable then the top rack in the dishwasher is also suitable. Large wine glasses may not work here - if they are touching each other or any other dishware, they may get scratched. Hand wash your wine glasses in hot water with dish soap and a clean sponge, holding it by the stem and never scrubbing hard, particularly around the bowl. To prevent water spots, dry immediately after with a microfibre cloth and then polish for a sparkly finish.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

Wine is wonderful, but you can find more than just wine glasses at Spotlight!

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Find The Right Wine Glasses & Wine Glass Sets At Spotlight

Ready to find your next set of wine glasses? Shop our range of wine glasses online where you can quickly pay and have your wine glasses home delivered, or visit your local Spotlight store to shop in person. Make sure to read our guides on cleaning and storing glassware and buying drinkware to make sure you are making the right purchases for your home. And for fun events and decorating ideas you can use your gorgeous new wine glasses for, check out our blogs on creating a home bar, throwing a 1920s party and DIY wedding ideas.



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