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Shop amazing foil balloons at Spotlight. Find large foil number balloons, garlands, round foil balloons & more, perfect for birthdays, parties & events.

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Shop Foil Balloons Including Foil Number Balloons For Your Party

Shop amazing foil balloons at Spotlight! We have all the foil balloons you could need for your next party, including foil number balloons, balloon foil letters and foil balloons in the shape of your favourite TV and movie characters.

What Types Of Foil Balloons Can I Find at Spotlight?

At Spotlight we have foil balloons to suit every occasion, from adult and child birthday parties to weddings and other special events. Our range includes:

  • Foil number balloons - celebrate birthdays and other milestones with an impressive foil number balloon (or two). Our foil number balloons come in classic silver and gold colours but also in great variations like hot pink, rose gold and even rainbow!
  • Balloon foil letter balloons - need to get a message across? Let our balloon foil letters do all the talking for you! Most popular are our foil happy birthday balloons, which you can find in individual letters or displayed across a single round balloon.
  • Unique shape foil balloons - make any party one to remember with a uniquely-shaped foil balloon. We offer unicorn, whale, dinosaur, cake, rainbow and other fun and colourful shapes you can use for parties, weddings and celebrations.
  • Franchised foil balloons - theme your party around your favourite media like Marvel or DC superheroes, Disney princesses, Bluey or Paw Patrol with our franchise foil balloons.

Don't forget to browse our balloon accessories page to choose the perfect weight, string or stick to augment your foil balloon.

How Long Do Foil Helium Balloons Last?

If you want balloons that will stay afloat for more than one day, foil balloons are your best bet, rather than latex balloons. Because gas escapes from the valve, rather than the surface of the balloon itself, foil balloons can stay inflated for over a week! This makes them great for multi-day events or when you want to hold onto the balloon for a little longer.

Generally, the bigger the balloon the longer it will last. You do not tend to see foil balloons in small sizes, as the amount of helium that can fit into one is not enough to offset the weight of the foil balloon itself.

Find the Perfect Foil Balloons For Your Celebration at Spotlight

Grab the perfect foil balloons for your next event at Spotlight. You can buy your foil balloons online and choose either home delivery or click and collect pickup options - we also offer specialised balloon bunch delivery services that you are welcome to take advantage of!

Spotlight offers balloon inflation services for foil and latex balloons at selected stores, where you can have balloons filled with either air or helium. Find your nearest Spotlight store to see if it offers this amazing service!

For more great party ideas, have a read of our celebrate blog online. And don't forget to check out our party hub page for all the decorations, costumes, tableware and entertainment you need.



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