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Enjoy A Glass Of Bubbly In The Best Champagne Flutes From Spotlight

Did you know that a glass of bubbly always tastes better in a champagne flute? It's true! The best champagne flutes will enhance the look, aroma and flavour of your sparkling wine, and you can find the best ones to do this at Spotlight. Our range of plastic and glass champagne flutes are great for any special occasion, with single and multiple glass sets available to suit your needs.

Which Is Better - Glass Or Plastic Champagne Flutes

There are times when a plastic champagne flute is better than a glass, although it's not often. If you are entertaining outside or the party is expected to become a little rowdy, plastic champagne flutes are a safer alternative that won't lead to any dangerous glass shards or cracks in your good drinkware.

Otherwise, glass champagne flutes are the best when it comes to making the right-sized bubbles, plus the feel of a solid glass flute in your hand is so much nicer than plastic!

Champagne Flutes FAQ

What is a champagne flute?

A champagne flute is a tall, thin drinking glass with a stem and sturdy base designed for drinking sparkling wine. Champagne flutes are usually made of glass or plastic, and can come in coloured varieties as well as clear.

Why are champagne flutes so tall?

Champagne flutes are tall so the visual of the golden bubbles rising to the surface of the glass can be enjoyed! The narrow top only provides a small surface area for the bubbles to rise to, making them last longer and helping your drink stay fresh for a greater period of time.

How should I hold a champagne flute?

A champagne flute should always be held by the stem, instead of the rounded upper body of the glass - this is so the heat from your hands does not warm your drink. The stem won't be big enough for you to hold it in a fist, however. Simply hold the glass with your pointer finger supporting the rounded bottom of the main body and your middle and ring fingers wrapped around the stem. Your pinky can also wrap around the stem, or you can tuck it under the base of the champagne flute to support it. Gently brace the stem with your thumb as well while you drink.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

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Find The Right Champagne Flutes At Spotlight

Celebrate in style with beautiful glass and plastic champagne flutes from Spotlight. Shop online and enjoy a variety of payment methods along with home delivery, or shop in-store to choose the best champagne flutes in person (with the help of our friendly team!). Keep your glassware in tip-top condition by checking our guide to cleaning and storing glassware, and don't forget to choose your drinking glasses wisely by consulting our drinkware buying guide before purchasing. Need some occasions to burst out the bubbly for? Try some of our party ideas, like a glitzy 1920s party, a classy masquerade event or consult our outdoor entertaining guide.



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