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Choose the Right Cover for Your Furniture! Use Spotlight's Handy Guide to Furniture Covers!

There could be many reasons why consumers obtain furniture covers for their home. They may want to protect their furniture against pet hair, or simply increase the lifespan of their expensive sofa or armchair.

To help customers find the best furniture covers for their home, Spotlight has created a helpful guide to furniture covers below. So, if you want to obtain a furniture cover from our store, be sure to read through the helpful tips below.

How Should I Select the Furniture Cover Material?

As you may have deducted from our furniture cover collection, furniture covers can be made from a variety of fabrics. Choosing a fabric often depends on the durability you require, since certain fabrics can protect your furniture against specific types of damage.

Customers who want to protect their furniture against pet hairs should consider a furniture cover that can withstand heavy use, but also a cover that does not hold onto pet hairs. If durability is your main concern, leather covers tend to be most durable. However, if you want to keep your furniture free of pet hair, we suggest a fabric made from manmade microfibres.

Please note that the weave of your furniture cover is important too! Tight weaves provide more protection against wear and tear, but also prevent pet hairs getting stuck in the weave of the fabric. You should also consider thread count, since a higher thread count provides a denser fabric that will last longer for a sofa that must withstand heavy use.

How Do I Determine the Style of My Furniture Cover?

While it is tempting to choose a furniture cover that jumps out to you, it is important to incorporate the style of the furniture piece you want to cover. Therefore, your cover must match the style and overall vibe of your furniture.

When you do not want to overcomplicate things, just remember that some furniture covers look quite casual, while others have a more formal appearance. Determine which of the two would describe your furniture piece best and base your decision on it.

What Are Some Additional Considerations for Furniture Covers?

Many furniture covers will have special properties. It is important to get familiar with these additional properties, since some of them could increase the lifespan of your furniture cover or even provide increased protection for the furniture piece underneath!

One of the additional properties you can find in furniture covers is fade resistance. If you need a furniture cover for a room with a lot of direct sunlight - for example, a conservatory or a living room with large windows, then you should certainly look for furniture covers with a fade resistance property.

Consumers with certain allergies should also take a closer look at the material the furniture cover is made of. Some furniture cover materials are considered as hypo-allergenic, mainly because they are free of lint. One such a material is microfibre. Microfibre is lint-free and does not attract dust, making it a perfect choice for people with severe allergies.

Finally, if you have pets in your home, there are certain materials you should avoid for your furniture covers. For households with pets, it is advised to stay away from fabrics with heavy textures. You should also avoid delicate fabrics such as silk, since they will get damaged quickly in a pet-friendly home. Fortunately, there are many pet-friendly upholstery choices to choose from, so you can still find the overall look you are after.

Can I Get Furniture Covers at Spotlight?

Spotlight provides a lovely range of furniture covers. Feel free to check out our catalogue today or get in touch with our team if you need some assistance.



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