3 craft projects to do in front of the telly while bingeing on Netflix

by Jo Walker

3 craft projects to do in front of the telly while bingeing on Netflix

It might not be mid-winter yet - we know because we can still feel our toes - but there is definitely a chill in the air. This means you're officially allowed to sit in front of the telly and craft.

Whether you're curled up in front of your favourite baking show, bingeing a crime drama, or indulging in the kind of so-bad-it's-good reality TV where rich people scream at each other all day, you'll want a satisfying project to pair with your screentime.

The best telly crafts can be stored on your lap, made using fairly repetitive actions and done with one eye on the action - so you don't miss any baking dramas, or the big whodunnit reveal when the detective tells everyone exactly how they solved the case.

Here are three of our favourite make-while-bingeing-Netflix projects to try out next time you feel like a telly craft session. They're all yarn-based and suitable for beginners.

Popcorn Crochet Granny Square

Caron Cupcakes Crochet Beanie

Popcorn Crochet Granny Square

All you really need for crochet is some yarn and a hook, which makes it an excellent lap-sized craft to attempt while slamming through another sitcom season or rewatching an old costume drama.

This simple project is great for beginners, and once you get the hang of it, granny squares come together fairly quickly. Make a pile of squares and you can stitch them up into blankets, ponchos or cushion covers, or pretty much anything else you fancy.

If you're new to crochet you can find the basics here, and remember: it's OK if you have to hit pause a few times and recount your stitches or unpick some stuff. There's always another episode, so take your time and enjoy.

Born To Be Wool Scarf

Abbey Road Born To Be Wool Scarf With Pom Pom

Born To Wool Scarf

If you're a knitting newcomer, you might want to flick back and forth between your chosen binge watch and some YouTube knitting tutorials to ensure you know your knit stitches from your purls.

But if you've already got the basics down, this pattern is quite forgiving (and quite repetitive!) so you should get into a rhythm pretty easily.

It really is satisfying watching a scarf grow while you're streaming something great. With every new row you stitch you're closer to completion, and also closer to finding out who the murderer is or who wins the dating competition.

Feel free to follow your own TV tastes, but we've found this scarf pairs well with supernatural action thrillers, heart-warming makeover shows, and prestige drama with strong female leads.

Marvel Soft 8Ply Pom Pom Wall

Marvel Soft 8 Ply Pom Pom Wall Hanging

Marvel Soft Pom Pom Wall

OK - some of this project requires leaving the couch. You'll need to go outside and find a stick at some point, and also lay out all your pom poms on the floor when you're ready to string them up.

But for the most part, this project involves wrapping yarn around a pom pom maker and creating beautiful balls of fluff, and that is something anyone can do. You might even be able to manage this while watching something with subtitles! What's next on your Nordic Noir list? Or maybe South Korean soap operas are more your thing?

Either way, we won't judge. Place your yarn balls and pom pom maker next to you on the sofa and keep a pair of scissors within reach (along with snacks and drinks). Then get watching and get making. By the time the credits roll, you'll be well on the way to creating something great.




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