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Get a precise cut and an accurate snip every time with our top-quality selection of craft scissors. Whether you are looking for that perfectly straight line or a decorative edge, to cut intricate details with a craft knife or micro tip scissors, or just shopping essential all-purpose options, we have the craft scissors for you in this selection. Purposely designed to cut a wide range of materials, pick up your perfect pair and shop our range of craft scissors today.

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What Are The Different Kinds Of Craft Scissors Available Today?

Most crafters have a selection of crafting scissors in their hobby room. There are various craft scissors available these days, each meant for a particular action or a certain specific craft. If you are not familiar with the most common types of craft scissors, be sure to check out the overview with craft scissors below.

What Are Dressmaking Scissors?

As the name already suggests, dressmaking scissors are commonly used by tailors and dressmakers for the cutting of various fabrics. Dressmaking scissors are characterised by their unusual, crooked handles and uniquely shaped blades so fabric can be cut a little easier.

Please note that dressmaking scissors should not be used to cut paper or materials other than fabric -this may cause damage to the blades of the scissors. To keep dressmaking scissors in good condition, you can also have them sharpened on a regular basis.

What Are Pinking Shears?

Pinking shears have been around for a very long time and are really popular among crafters who like to sew. These types of shears can be recognised by their serrated blades, which create a unique zigzag cut on the fabric it is used on. However, this type of scissors does more than just create a pattern on fabric, as many sewers use this kind of scissors to prevent their fabric from fraying.

What Are Common Household Scissors?

Despite the fact that there are dozens of options where craft scissors are concerned, crafters will always find a use for some common household scissors. Basic scissors such as these are characterised by their straight blades and their regular handles. The benefit of its standard design is that this type of scissors can be used for all types of crafts.

What Are Embroidery Scissors?

Embroidery scissors are easily recognised by their small design, as they are considerably smaller from most craft scissors. Given their small design, they are often used for smaller actions - this includes cutting threads or even the removal of stitches.

What Are General Craft Scissors?

General craft scissors are often confused with common household scissors this is not really surprising, as they can look remarkably similar. In fact, the design of household scissors and general craft scissors is almost the same, which can make it difficult for crafters to distinguish between the two.

Crafters obtain a pair of general craft scissors if they wish to use one pair of scissors for various crafts. Because these scissors can be used for so many different things, they usually do not last as long, despite the fact that they are made with sturdy stuff. Nevertheless, general craft scissors tend to be quite affordable.

What Are Snips?

Snips are not as known in the world of craft scissors, but they can be remarkably useful. Snips have a dedicated handle with a spring, which allows you to make repeated cuts easier and put less strain on your hands as you go along.

All crafters can use a pair of snips, but they prove especially useful for crafters who suffer from medical problems such as arthritis - this since the spring in the handles takes most of the pressure away from the hands.

What Are Decorative Scissors?

Decorative scissors can be used on fabric as well as paper. That being said, the blades can suffer if you use this pair of scissors on both. In most cases, crafters use decorative scissors on paper, as they can create unique edges because of the design of the blades.

What Are Tailor's Scissors?

Tailor's scissors are often confused with tailor's scissors, as they look quite similar. However, a pair of tailor's scissors is considerably shorter than regular dressmaker's scissors. The smaller size of the scissors can benefit specific projects - this goes from sewing to quilting projects that are done on a smaller scale.

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