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How Do I Choose The Right Paper Trimmer For My Craft Project?

Paper trimmers can be used for a variety of things, but its main purpose is cutting paper with the greatest precision. There are different types of paper trimmers too, so there are various options to take advantage of. If you are not familiar with paper trimmers and their features, be sure to read on.

What Is The Guillotine Trimmer?

Guillotine trimmers can be manual or automatic. While the automatic options can be more convenient, they can be more expensive than the manual options. Guillotine trimmers are a popular choice for paper cutting, but they can also handle other materials.

What Is The Rotary Trimmer?

The rotary trimmer is another type of paper trimmer. With this type of trimmer, you can cut posters, letters, leaflets, booklets, flyers, and even cardboard.

Crafters will use a rotary trimmer instead of a guillotine trimmer when they need long cuts or different cutting styles. A rotary trimmer is also suitable for a left-handed person, providing better control than the guillotine trimmer.

How Do I Select The Right Paper Trimmer For My Needs?

Now that you are familiar with the various paper trimmers, let us take a closer look at the properties you need to evaluate to ensure you end up with the right paper trimmer.

Available space - The space you have available in your hobby room or crafting corner certainly plays a role in your decision. If you do not have that much space available, there is little point in choosing a large paper trimmer. On the other hand, if you do have a lot of space, then you can invest in something a little bigger with lots of features.

Most paper trimmers can be placed on a surface in your hobby room, but there are standalone paper trimmers too. Evidently, the standalone paper trimmer will only be used in hobby rooms where there is sufficient space available.

Thickness of cutting material - The thickness of the materials you are cutting is important too, as some paper trimmers can only handle a small amount. If you are looking to cut paper that is relatively thick, you should be looking at heavy-duty versions.

We must mention that paper is not the only thing that could be cut with a good paper trimmer. For example, you can also cut vinyl or cardboard. In these cases, you should consider a heavy-duty option.

Budget - This can also be a deciding factor when you buy a paper trimmer. If you do not want to overspend, always determine how much you want to spend on your paper trimmer beforehand - this ensures you do not spend too much.

Portability - Some crafters need a portable trimmer, as they want to take this machine with them to hobby class. Evidently, not all trimmers are portable. If this is an important property for you, then you should look for more compact paper trimmers or foldable rotary trimmers.

How To Cut Paper In A Straight Line Without A Paper Trimmer?

If you do not have the budget to obtain a paper trimmer just yet, there are other ways to cut your paper more precisely. Here is our preferred method.

Mark your line - Before you start cutting, use a pencil to mark the beginning and the end of the line you will be cutting on paper.

Use a ruler - Once you have marked the beginning and the end of your cutting line, place the ruler over the paper and connect your start line with the end line. Once you have connected the lines, keep the ruler in place and use a craft knife to cut the paper.

Please remember to use a cutting mat when you cut your paper. Then, trace the craft knife along the line while keeping the ruler in place.

Erase remaining pencil marks - Once you have cut the paper, be sure to erase any remaining pencil marks. When you erase pencil marks, always make sure not to add too much pressure on your eraser, as this could cause damage on the paper.

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