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How To Choose Fabric For Clothing?

Whether you sew by hand or by sewing machine, selecting the right fabric for your project is extremely important. But what are some of the things you look at when you select fabrics? And are there certain fabrics you are more likely to use for clothing? Let us find out!

What Are The Most Common Fabrics Used By Dressmakers?

There are some materials that are more common than others. From affordability to popularity, there are several reasons why dressmakers choose the common fabrics mentioned below. If you are not familiar with these fabrics, but are thinking of using one in a project, be sure to check the characteristics of each fabric.

Satin: While it may not be as suitable for beginners, satin is an extremely popular fabric for formal dresses. The material is often compared to silk, as it has the same glossy finish, just without the additional cost.

When you select satin, please be aware that this fabric can be lightweight as well as heavyweight. As such, you may want to refer to your pattern to determine the exact satin you need to be getting.

While the material is a little more difficult to work with for beginners, you can get satin in an astronomical number of colours. So, when it comes to colour preferences, there is no better choice than satin.

Linen: Crafters who want something a little more breathable and lighter usually choose linen over all other materials. Linen makes brilliant clothes for the warmer months, although it does have a couple of flaws you need to be aware of.

One of the common problems with linen is that it wrinkles easily. Linen is a material that does not have lots of elasticity, as a result it wrinkles far more than any other fabric. So, any clothing made from linen may need a little more attention in the maintenance department.

Cotton: Breathable, hypoallergenic and does not hold onto odours, these are just some of the primary reasons for crafters to choose cotton. The material is also quite durable and can withstand a considerable amount of washing.

Compared to manmade materials, cotton can be a little more expensive. On the flipside, the material is easy to work with and therefore perfect for beginners.

How To Choose Fabric For A Dressmaking Project?

Most patterns give you a fabric recommendation, which means you do not have to spend ages finding the right fabric to go with your pattern. However, there are some instances where you design your own pattern and select your own fabric. So, how do you select your fabric then? By following these easy steps from Spotlight!

Suggested fabric types: When you absolutely have no idea which fabric to select, it is a good idea to look at some of your previous patterns. Did you create a garment in the past that is quite like your current project? If so, look at your previous pattern to find some fabric recommendations that could work for your current project too.

Drape: One of the most important things to look at when it comes to fabric selection is drape. Dressmaking relies heavily on drape, as this is the property that influences the overall look of your finished garment.

When you do not have a fabric recommendation, look at drape first and foremost. While it may be a little more difficult to choose your drape online, use general fabric characteristics to narrow down your choices.

Width: Not all fabrics are available in the same width these days, so this is also something to check when you select your fabric. In fact, the width of your fabric can determine just how much fabric you need to purchase.

Stretch: The stretch of the fabric can be detrimental to a project too, especially if you are making certain dresses. When it comes to fabric selection, make sure you determine if your fabric needs a good amount of stretch beforehand.

Colour: In addition to the width and the drape, you also need to think about the colour. When selecting fabric online, do not forget that colour can deviate slightly depending on the computer monitor you have. If possible, check the fabric colour on at least two different devices to ensure you have a good idea about the fabric colour you are purchasing.

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