Spotlight's haberdashery range varies from dressmaker models to easy electric scissors. Explore our range of haberdashery supplies online or in-store!

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Can I purchase haberdashery from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Our extensive haberdashery collection includes a selection of sewing essentials, accessories, tools and more, that will help you to complete your dressmaking project. Whether you are a beginner to the sewing world or a seasoned seamstress, find fastenings, thread, needles, ribbon, pins, and much, much more. Discover our comprehensive haberdashery collection online or at your local Spotlight store today and find superb sewing accessories at Spotlight's guaranteed low prices.

What are the essential haberdashery items that I should have?

Haberdashery is an umbrella term that encompasses small items used in sewing, such as buttons, needles, threads and other essentials. Whether you are new to sewing, looking to replace your kit, or just want to check that you have the basics, check out our handy guide below for our most popular haberdashery essentials:

Fabric Dyes & Markers: Whether you are looking to breathe new life into an old garment or change the colour of fabric completely, fabric dyes may be essential for your project. Fabric markers are definitely a necessity and are a must-have for so many different projects. Use to mark out cut lines and measurements, find pencils, chalk, water erasable markers and more in this selection.

Fastenings: Keep it all together with fabulous fastenings at Spotlight! With buttons, zips, studs, hooks, and so many more, we are confident that you will find the fastening for you.

Interfacings: Provide structure and support to your garments and achieve that beautifully tailored finish with the top quality selection of pre-cut and perforated interfacing at Spotlight.

Measurements: To ensure accuracy in your project, we recommend having a lightweight and easy to read tape measure.

Scissors: Scissors are certainly a craft box essential, and we recommend that you have a variety of different types that have been designed for various purposes.

Sewing Needles & Pins: Whether you intend to use a sewing machine or hand-stitch, your sewing box will not be complete without an assortment of different needles, and lots of pins to keep your work together.

Thread: With such a wide choice of colours and thicknesses to choose from, and all available at our guaranteed low prices, stock up on sewing threads at Spotlight and be prepared for the next time inspiration strikes.

Shop our fabulous haberdashery collection for thread, spools, scissors, needles and those all-important finishing touches!

Do you have any tips for storing my sewing supplies?

Organising your sewing supplies can be a bit of a challenge, and with so many small bits and bobs that can easily get lost, broken or misplaced, it is important that you ensure proper storage. We recommend using clear containers where necessary, as this will allow you to see inside of each box to check what is inside. Otherwise, labels can also be effective. For smaller items, you could use plastic containers that feature dividers, or for a more affordable option, you could consider using clear plastic bags, such as the ones that are used for freezing food. Whereas, clothes pegs are perfect for wrapping your thread around, keeping everything tidy whilst also allowing for easy access. You could also create your own storage, with sewing patterns at Spotlight for that purpose.

Keep on top of your sewing supplies and shop the superb selection of storage that we have available. With storage solutions that have been specifically designed to keep your kit in order and our guaranteed low prices across the collection, discover everything that you need to store your haberdashery essentials.



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