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How To Teach Your Children To Eat With Knife And Fork?

If you are looking at our range of kids tableware, it is likely that you are introducing your child to eating with a knife and fork. But what is the best way of doing this? And are there any methods that can make this transition easier?

When Should I Introduce My Child To Eating With A Knife And Fork?

You will find that the introduction of the knife and fork can be different for many children. Between 9 and 12 months, you child will start to use their fingers for small foods, but your child is unlikely to develop the skill to spoon-feed themselves until they are 2 or 3 years old. By age 5, your child may be able to use a knife and fork separately, but most children don't use both until they are 6 or 7 years old.

When introducing your child to eating with a knife and fork, it is important to understand that every child has his or her own speed of learning things. So, your child could be faster or slower than the average, and there's nothing wrong with that.

What Is The Best Environment To Learn Eating With Knife And Fork?

In a day and age where many families eat in front of the television with a lap tray, learning how to eat with knife and fork can become more difficult. In fact, the optimal environment to learn this skill is at the dinner table.

The position your child is sitting in can make learning this skill a little easier too. Make sure that your child's feet and back are properly supported, this will help them to hold the knife and fork properly. If your child's feet do not reach the floor, you can use a box to keep their feet supported.

What Are The Best Tips For Teaching Children How To Eat With Knife And Fork?

Apart from buying some of our fun kids tableware, there are some additional tips you can use to help your kids develop the knife and fork skill. Here are some of those most notable tips.

  • Involve your child: Do not set the table on your own but let your child help with setting everything up. Not only does it give them some responsibility, it makes them more involved in the entire meal experience.
  • Buy the right utensils: Since you are looking at our range of tableware, you are probably already thinking of getting some child friendly utensils. Ideally, you want to look for forks and knives with shorter handles, as they are easier to manipulate for young children. You can also look at textures for easier grip.
  • Raised plates: To prevent your child from struggling with vegetables such as peas, or to prevent them from losing food on their plate, you can get some raised plates. Raised plates have more applications too, as they are often used for adults who have problems with their fine motor skills too.
  • Check your child's handling: It is important to show your child how to properly hold a knife and fork from the start. You should also encourage them to hold the fork in the non-dominant hand, as this is easier for most children. That being said, it is possible that your child may find it easier in the dominant hand.
  • Start simple: Don't start your child with foods that are more difficult to cut, for example, tough meats. Instead, give them ingredients that are much easier to cut such as some potatoes, mushrooms, or bananas. You can find many ingredients that are a regular part of your child's diet and are not as difficult to cut.
    If you are serving some foods that are more difficult to cut on the same plate, it might be a good idea to cut them beforehand. Otherwise, your child may get frustrated with the process. Once they have mastered softer ingredients, you can add some tougher ingredients on the plate and your child may not need your help anymore.

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