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Selecting the Best Blanket For Your Bed

Bed blankets come in such a vast array of sizes and fabrics, such as faux fur and wool blankets, so it can be confusing to land on the right blanket for your bedroom. Generally, your bed blanket will be serving a functional purpose - keeping you comfortable and warm while you sleep. Here are some tips on what you should consider when choosing a blanket:

The Type of Fabric

From soft polyester fleeces, chenille and faux fur to Australian wool and pure cotton, the kind of fabric you choose can come down to personal preference. This also includes other factors like the time of year and whether you run hot or cold when you sleep. Think about changing your blankets and throws with your bedding according to the season. For example, cotton blankets in summer and polyester fleeces and faux fur blankets in winter.

The Right Size

A blanket needs to be large enough to cover the size of your bed, whether single, twin, queen or king. It's better to choose a blanket that's too big rather than too small, otherwise you'll find yourself in a nighttime blanket battle with your partner or you'll literally end up with cold feet on chilly nights!

Warmth, Weave & Weight

Weave will directly affect the weight of your bed blanket and the warmth too. The loose thermal weave of cotton blankets is light and suited to hotter nights, whereas the heavier weave of knits made from wool or synthetic materials is perfect for colder weather. Quilting in down blankets ensures the down doesn't move with your body across the course of the night, while conventional warm blankets come in a close, tight weave that is excellent insulation for body heat.

Styling a Throw Blanket For Your Bed

Throw it & Let it Fall Naturally

Similar to other throws, bed throw blankets are called throws for a reason - they look best when they're casually draped or 'thrown' rather than fastidiously placed. Throwing your throw in a triangular shape at the corner of the bed can look very stylish. If you'd prefer to fold your knitted throw, then positioning it diagonally on the bottom of your bed will show it off nicely.

Make a decorative throw the star of the show. If your throw is fanciful and decorative, you might like to make a feature out of it. Or conversely, you could use it to jazz up plain bedding. Start with a neutral bedspread and then lay the throw blanket in full across the top. This creates an expansive effect and can also make a small throw rug appear bigger.

Pop it in Different Positions

A throw blanket isn't just for the body of the bed, as you might like to place it on the headboard or on a box or table at the foot of the bed. Doing so is a great way to give a tired wooden or upholstered frame a whole new lease of life.

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