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Channel your inner child and create a bedroom that will make them proud, with kids décor and kids accessories for decorating everything - from the floors to the ceiling.

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Popular decorations for every kids bedroom

From novelty lamps and clocks specifically for helping kids to learn to tell the time through to framed photos and prints and other wall art in the form of removable decals and all manner of wall hangings, kids room décor is as varied and amazing as your kids themselves.

While there are no hard and fast rules, you may consider the following checklist for inclusions on your kids décor shopping list:

  • Hooks of all sizes for hanging anything and everything you can possibly imagine
  • A Bluetooth speaker for music and listening to audiobooks
  • Bins, also of all sizes, so things can be stashed away and the room kept tidy without tantrums
  • Some sort of chair, bean bag or ottoman so there's a comfy place to sit, other than the bed
  • Plenty of shelving space or baskets for books (because reading is important)
  • A box for stowing 'treasure', preferably lockable for privacy (and that added sense of mystery)
  • A fan for summer or to create white noise and drown out distractions
  • A reading light kept close to the bed for relaxing (away from devices!) before sleep
  • An essential oil diffuser for creating a lovely atmosphere with your child's favourite scents
  • A kids throw or kids blanket is sure to be their favourite even once they're too big for it

Other kids bedroom items

Additionally, don't forget the following items when stocking your kids bedroom with kids accessories:

Kids bedding and bed linen

From kids quilts and kids quilt covers to kids sheet sets and pillows, the bedding you choose needs to be specifically for them so to accommodate their size and other kid-friendly requirements like featured designs by Paw Patrol, Harry Potter, My Little Pony and the Marvel superheroes.

Kids furniture

Make sure to select kids furniture - such as chairs, shelving, desks, stools and so on - that is tough and durable, which also means stain-resistant or, at the very least, made from materials that are easy to clean. Patterns on chairs or any soft furnishings are a good way to ensure stains are not noticeable, even when the inevitable spills or accidents occur.

Kids rugs and mats

Kids rugs and mats turn hard, boring floors into soft, exciting places for kids to lounge and play on. For instance, you can even get rugs that replicate a Formula One circuit and will have your kids zooming from one side of the room to the other! Consider grabbing some kids cushions in novel shapes and textures too, that can be scattered across the floor and on the bed.

Kids storage

When decorating a room with kids accessories, you'll be pleased you spent the time thinking about the kids storage because it can be the difference between sanity and insanity! With the right storage - such as rolling, rainbow-coloured organiser drawers - packing up can be fun too.

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