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Which Are The Essential Measuring Tools For My Kitchen?

Whether you are an avid cook or an experienced baker, measuring tools always prove useful in the kitchen. But which are some of the most essential? Let us find out in Spotlight's guide to essential kitchen measuring tools.

Which Measuring Cups Should I Have In My Kitchen?

Measuring cups are more certainly an essential, but are there different types? The short answer to this question is yes.

In general, you can choose between liquid and dry measuring cups. As the name suggests, liquid measuring cups are meant to hold liquid ingredients, while dry measuring cups are meant for dry ingredients. Therefore, you should always have a selection of both types of measuring cups in your kitchen.

Nowadays, you can find measuring cups that have a spout for easier pouring. While there is no problem with that, do not forget that this may influence your measurements. So, if you have some measuring cups with a spout, be sure to adjust your measurements accordingly.

Which Measuring Spoons Should I Get For My Kitchen?

Manufacturers make measuring spoons in various materials. Out of all those materials, stainless steel measuring spoons carry the preferences of many bakers and chefs. The reason for that is the durability of stainless steel, but also because ingredients tend to stick less to the slick material.

When you use measuring spoons for both liquid and dry ingredients, never use the same spoon. Instead, use one measuring spoon for dry and another for liquid - this prevent the ingredients from sticking to your spoons and affecting your measurements.

Do I Need A Measuring Scale In My Kitchen?

That depends heavily on what you make in your kitchen. If you bake often, then you absolutely need a measuring scale. After all, most baking ingredients will provide measurements in either kilograms or ounces.

Since recipes are shared worldwide, you may not always get measurements that match the system you prefer using, whether it is metric or imperial. To avoid problems and not to spend hours on conversions, simply have a look at a measuring scale that provides measurements in kilograms as well as ounces.

Many kitchen scales come with additional features as well, but you should always look for two features specifically. Firstly, look for scales that allow you to reset to a perfect zero after you weighed each ingredient - this avoids mistakes in some of the most delicate baking recipes. Secondly, if you want a digital scale, make sure that you have an automatic shut-off, which can save the battery and save you money in the long run.

What Thermometers Do I Need In The Kitchen?

When you enter kitchen thermometer in the Spotlight search window, you will immediately notice that there are many kitchen thermometers you can obtain. Each of these thermometers has a specific use, so it is worth looking into each one to determine if they are useful to you or not.

One of their recommendations for those who love to bake and cook meats is the instant read thermometer. This type of thermometer enables you to get an instant temperature, ensuring your recipe is being cooked the right way. There are various types available, but the digital thermometer always provides the best result.

Another option you should obtain is the oven thermometer, even if your oven has a clear temperature display. Not all ovens are as accurate as you might think, and this might be just the think that ruins your perfect roast or homemade bread. Fortunately, an oven thermometer can help you determine the accuracy of your oven and eliminate any deviations that affect your recipes.

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