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Get crafty! Make precision cutting easy and protect surfaces from damage with our range of specialty cutting mats and craft mats.

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Cutting mats are essential tools for anyone with a passion for arts and crafts because they are purpose-made for the task at hand. Choose from grip mats and rulers, space-saving foldable cutting mats, mats for rotary cutting, and punchboards for creating a variety of shapes and sizes.

It's important to know what you'll be using your mat for, so it's tough enough to meet the rigours of your chosen hobby. A good starting point is to look for a mat greater than 3mm thick. This means that it will stand up to a range of cutting tools like rotary cutters and straight-edge blades.

Generally, low-grip cutting mats work best with lighter materials and paper grades, standard grip-cutting mats are great with coloured papers and cardboard, while strong grip cutting mats make easy work of denim, leather and cardstock. If you're using hot glue, silicone mats are ideal for the job, whereas easy press cutting mats are perfect for iron-on projects.

Look for lightly textured cutting mats. Think of it this way: a cutting mat that's too slick will make it easy for your materials to slide around, which means achieving accurate cuts is more difficult. Too much texture, and it will dull your cutting tools quicker.

Lo-sheen or matte finish cutting mats reduce glare and tend to be the go-to choice for experienced crafters. If your mat reflects the overhead light, it can create problems with accuracy because it's harder to see your fabric and grid lines or rulers on your mat.

Another tip for choosing a cutting mat is to buy one in a colour that contrasts nicely against the fabric or paper you're working with, so you can see grid marks for easier cuts.

Other cutting tools & accessories

Cutting tools

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Craft knives & blades

You'll never have a dull crafting moment if you ensure your knives and blades are regularly changed. Keeping things sharp is one of the secrets to great crafting.

Paper punches

Use punches for paper to cut perfect circles or apply your punch technique creatively to produce half-circles or intricate patterns like laced edging.

Art & craft storage

Our storage solutions help keep your art and crafting space neat and organised, as well as ensuring knives, scissors and cutting tools are safely hidden from small, curious hands.

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