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Entertain In Style With Our Cheese Boards & Serving Platters

The staple of any in-home entertaining is a gorgeous cheese board, and while your choice of cheese and accompanying snacks is very important, the board you serve it on can go a long way to creating a great first impression of your cheese board. After all, we eat first with our eyes!

At Spotlight we have a lovely range of cheese boards and cheese board sets available for you to choose from, with variations in size and design all there so you can find the perfect cheese board for your next event. Look for popular brands like Culinary Co and Southwest to find quality cheese boards for your home!

What comes in a cheese board set?

A cheese board set will include a single cheese board (usually made of a material like acacia wood) and a number of cheese knives. Cheese knives can be shaped to cut, lift or impale slices of cheese, and the cheese board should be a good enough size that all included cheese knives can rest comfortably on the board - along with your cheeses, of course!

Cheese Board FAQ

What is a cheese board?

A cheese board is a wooden platter designed to serve and slice cheeses on. It should be designed with both form and function in mind, with a rustic look and durability to withstand gentle knife cuts from the cheese knives. Cheese boards often have a handle to make carrying them easier, as well as a hole or string to hang them up with when not in use.

What is the difference between a cheese board and a chopping board?

Cheese boards and serving boards can withstand some light cuts, such as when people use a cheese knife to cut themselves a slice, but they are not designed for continuous and heavy chopping. Because they are made from wood, knife cuts can show on the grain of the wood, plus the wood can absorb and retain juices and bacteria from the food on them.

Chopping boards are usually made from plastic or treated wood, and are designed to resist knife cuts, as well as not blunt knives when they used for chopping. They are not made for presenting food, although they can be different colours so cooks can use certain chopping boards for specific proteins.

How do I wash a cheese board?

Because they are made from wood, cheese boards should be hand washed in warm water with mild soap. Avoid harsh scrubbers and steel wool, as scratch marks can show up on the wood. Dry immediately with a soft cloth and store away in a dry and cool area.

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Find the right cheese boards at Spotlight

Ready to choose a cheeseboard? Browse online, make your purchase and we'll deliver your cheese board straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to choose your cheese boards and serving platters in person.

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