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Well-made cutlery is a must-have for dining at home, and at Spotlight you can find a huge range of loose cutlery and cutlery sets made of high-quality stainless steel. Look for Wiltshire, Culinary Co. and Stanley Rogers cutlery for beautiful utensils from well-regarded brands you can trust. From loose cutlery to impressive cutlery sets, you can find all the cutlery you need at Spotlight!

The art of setting the table with cutlery

The basic rules of cutlery setting are easy to remember and just as easily applied to any event.

When setting the cutlery, place each knife, fork and spoon on the table in order of use, starting from the outside and working inwards with each course. Forks go to the left of the plate, soup spoons and knives go to the right, with knife blades facing inwards towards the plate and spoons.

Regardless of whether it's a casual dinner for family and friends or a formal one, napkins should go underneath forks, and drinking glasses should be placed to the right of the dinner plate at approximately 1 o'clock.

For formal occasions, the same guidelines for cutlery apply. Any knives and a soup spoon to the right, forks to the left and all working inwards with each course. Salad and main forks should be placed on top of an ironed and folded napkin and, along with a water glass, red and white wine glasses sit at approximately 1 o'clock.

To complete your formal place setting, a salad plate and soup bowl should be placed on top of the dinner plate, while a bread & butter plate with a knife laid across the plate at 10 o'clock on the clock, and a dessert spoon is above the dinner plate at a 12 o'clock position.

Cutlery FAQs

What is cutlery?

Cutlery is the utensils we use to eat food. Using cutlery ensures you don't get your hands dirty when eating, as well as making it easier to get your food into the portion sizes you want. Common cutlery includes knives, forks and spoons, although chopsticks also fall under the cutlery umbrella. Cutlery is usually made of stainless steel or silver, although you can also find disposable cutlery made of plastic or wood.

Is cleaning silver cutlery difficult?

The more you use silver cutlery the less it will tarnish, so if you're using silver cutlery often a simple hand wash with mild dish soap (avoid ones that contain lemon) will suffice. For tarnished silver cutlery, line a small tub or bucket with aluminium foil, or use a disposable aluminium tray. Place the silverware inside and sprinkle a layer of baking soda over each piece. Cover them with a layer of boiling water and leave for 5 minutes - longer if they are badly tarnished. Remove them with tongs (the water will still be hot!) and dry each piece of silver cutlery with a soft dishcloth.

What is the best way to store cutlery?

Cutlery is best stored inside a cutlery tray away from excess moisture and heat. Cutlery trays allow you to separate your cutlery by type, which can help lessen the chances of your utensils scratching each other. Separate every knife, fork and spoon from a new set and sort them into your tray - make sure the handles are facing you so they're safe to pick out of the tray. Make sure your cutlery is completely dry before storing away.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have everything you need for the dining table, including:

  • Salt and pepper shakers: Our stylish salt and pepper shakers are a must-have on the dining table! We have manual and electric grinders to suit your tastes, as well as dual shakers that house the salt and pepper in one vessel.
  • Loose dinnerware: You can find single bowls and plates in our loose dinnerware collection. They're great for padding out an existing dinnerware collection or replacing a broken bowl or plate.
  • Dinner sets: Our full dinner plates make for a great housewarming gift, or can just be used when you want to refresh your dinnerware collection. You can find sets that contain a great variety of bowls plates and cups in all sorts of colours and patterns!

Browse our full tableware selection for any other dining utensils you may need for your table.

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Ready for some new cutlery? Shop our stainless steel cutlery online, pay your way and we'll deliver your cutlery straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to choose your cutlery in person!

For a little extra info on buying utensils for the dining room, read our guides on servingware, dinnerware and kitchen utensils. And be inspired to create a beautiful table with our blogs on tablescaping, hosting high tea and creating a festive table setting.



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