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The Different Types Of Yarn Explained! Choose The Best Yarn For Your Crafting Projects

Experienced crafters already know that there are different types of yarn out there. Naturally, every specific type of yarn has its own properties, so getting familiar with all the different types of yarn is essential to make your crafting project the best it can be.

Beginners may find the various types of yarn a little confusing in the beginning. To make it a little easier on beginners, we have created a comprehensive overview of the different yarn types. So, if you wish to learn more about the yarn you are using in crafting projects, be sure to read our handy guide below.

What Are The Characteristics Of Wool Yarn?

Wool yarn is undoubtedly the best-known and most popular type of yarn out there. Of course, wool can be obtained from different types of sheep, which can influence the properties of the wool in question and the yarn overall.

There are various subcategories of wool yarn you may encounter, this includes lamb's wool, merino wool, Shetland wool, Icelandic wool, and more. Even though most wool yarns are suitable for projects that require this type of yarn, it is always a good idea to visit Spotlight to feel each different kind of yarn before you start your project.

What Are The Characteristics Of Fleece Yarn?

Fleece is a popular material because of its warmth, so it is often implemented in clothing as well as accessories such as scarves. Fleece yarn also has a number of subcategories, this includes mohair and cashmere yarn.

The material to create fleece yarn can be obtained from Angora rabbits or goats. It can also be obtained from so-called Kashmir goats. While the main properties are the same, there can be some minor differences in the strength and the durability of the yarn.

What Are The Characteristics Of Silk Yarn?

Silk yarn can be placed with most other yarns made from natural materials, this includes cotton, linen, and rayon yarn. These types of yarns are characterised by a shiny look, but also a slippery feel. Therefore, this type of yarn is only recommended for more advanced crafters.

What Are The Characteristics Of Synthetic Yarn?

We already mentioned a bunch of natural materials for yarns, but they can be made from synthetic materials such as nylon, acrylic and polyester as well. As you may expect, the properties of synthetic yarns can be different than those of natural yarns.

Synthetic yarn can mimic some of the properties of natural yarns, but there will be a difference in the overall feel of the yarn thread. Synthetic yarns tend to feel less soft and smooth than natural yarns. That being said, they do provide additional durability and strength. So, if you have a project that requires more strength and durability, a synthetic yarn might be a better choice.

What Novelty Yarns Are Available Nowadays?

Crafters who have experimented with the basic yarn types mentioned above often look for something new. There are a bunch of novelty yarns available these days, some of which we have mentioned below.

One of the novelty yarns that you may come across is the so-called thick-thin yarn. As the name already suggests, this type of yarn alternates between thick and thin parts. When you knit with this kind of yarn, it creates a bumpy look on the created fabric. Naturally, this could prove useful for the more advanced crafting projects.

Another novelty yarn you can consider is faux fur yarn. Evidently, this material is not as easy the work with, as faux fur does have some delicate little details. Despite its difficult operation, the material does have added strength, since most faux fur yarns are made from a nylon-based thread.

Which Yarns Can I Obtain From Spotlight?

Spotlight provides a wide selection of yarns to crafters, this includes common yarn types such as acrylic and satin yarn, but also some of the novelty yarns we have mentioned in this article.

At Spotlight, you can also find advanced accessories and tools for crafting. One of the most impressive is a genuine weaving loom, enabling crafters to take their crafting skills to a whole new level.



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