Dressmaking Mannequins

Make making your own clothes even easier with our range of dressmaking models at Spotlight. With a wide range of different types and sizes available, as well as adjustable options that will help to ensure that your measurements are on point, we are certain that you will love sewing with one of these delightful dummies. Shop the range online or at one of our nationwide Spotlight stores today.

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Can I purchase dressmaking models from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. If you love to sew and make your own clothes regularly, one of our dressmaking models is simply a must. We have models suitable for both beginners and experts alike, with a wide range of sizes, and features. Whether you call it a mannequin, model, or dummy, find your model assistant in our superb selection of dressmaking models at Spotlight.

Do I need a dressmaking model?

If you love to create clothing from scratch, a dressmaking model is essential. It will provide you with the perfect form to shape your outfit. By dressing your model, you will be able to see the fit and drape properly, allowing you to get a good idea of how the final piece will look on the wearer's body. Plus, our models have so many other uses, including:

  • The ability to fit and adjust your pattern
  • Easily check the placement of buttonholes, darts, embellishments and pockets
  • Establish the perfect position for your collar or lapel
  • Put sleeves into position
  • Check the ease and hang of your lining
  • Mark hems to ensure precision and accuracy
  • Day to day garment care, keep your outfit neatly pressed, as you can brush, sponge, or fix the hem easily when it is on your model
  • Display a sentimental outfit or wedding dress for a style statement that is personal

Whether you are pinning, sticking or sewing, your dressmaking model, is the perfect assistant to ensure that your task is a success!

How do I set up my dressmaking model?

Well, that does depend on which of our marvellous models you have chosen, and we always advise that you read the manufacturer's instructions before you begin. If you have purchased one of our dressmaking models that adjust to your form, it is important you get accurate measurements before you set it up. Measure your bust, waist, hips, neck and your desired skirt or trouser length. Most of the adjustable models use either the dial system or the wheel system, and you will turn these to achieve the desired size for your project.

Also, please remember that the plastic mechanisms inside of your new adjustable dummy can be quite fragile, and you should not use excessive force when you are adjusting measurements. While our adjustable models have been designed to suit a wide range of sizes, it may be impossible to achieve the perfect copy of your shape. Often, additional padding is required so that the form has the correct measurements.

What do I need to consider when choosing a dressmaking model?

The dressmaking model that you choose will depend on the projects that you tend to make the most. Dressmaking models will help you to see your handmade clothes on a 3D body shape, which is particularly useful as it allows you to examine your project from different angles. This also means that they are super useful for making sure you have an even hem, that your garment drapes correctly, and if you have achieved the silhouette that you were aiming for. One of the most important things to consider when you are choosing your model is the size that you will require, with all of our models being made to standard sizes. However, it is important to note that these can never be as accurate as the genuine body form of the intended wearer. To ensure the perfect fit, it is always recommended that you take up to date and precise measurements. It is also important to consider the features that you are most likely to use, and your overall budget.



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