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Make a feature of your culinary skills with a selection of contemporary and traditional serving bowls that will look fantastic on any table.

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Choosing a serving bowl

Having a selection of serving bowls goes a long way to ensuring you have the right serveware to suit the occasion, whether it's something formal or a more casual get-together. Here's how some different types of serving bowls can play their part:

Wooden bowls

Having stood the test of 'dinner party' time, wooden bowls are an extremely functional option, looking great with all sorts of d├ęcor but also offering dining-table-to-outdoor versatility - especially considering they can't be smashed if dropped! Make sure you handwash your wooden bowls (i.e. no machine-washing) and give them some love by oiling regularly.

Bamboo bowls

Bamboo bowls are currently very much on trend, given bamboo is a renewable, sturdy material and that they look fantastic in a more earthy way, like wooden bowls. You'll often find bamboo bowls with an attractive, white-painted accent that gives them a contemporary feel.

Glass bowls

For layered dishes and desserts, you can't beat glass servingware for its incomparable presentation pizzazz. Glass allows your guests to see the colour and textures of the layers of your food (think trifle or tiramisu), which can serve as a decorative addition to the table decorations in itself.

Plastic bowls

Good plastic bowls don't look as cheap as they may sound. The malleability of plastic means you can find some curvy and interesting designs that will look sensational on the table, and they're also transportable (no breakages!) and easy to clean (pop them in the dishwasher). Keep your mind open and take a look at the new plastic serving bowls on the market.

Other types of servingware

Once you've got all your serving bowls in order, you'll want to complement them with other similarly stylish servingware.

Choose from trays, platters and dishes that are generally lower and broader-based than your serving bowls, which means they're best-suited to solid food items - like quiches, pastries, crackers, dips and other assortments - that can be tastefully spread or laid out and are not in danger of spilling across your table.

Then you should consider adding serving utensils that are purpose-designed to match your servingware for design harmony meets functionality.

Other types of serveware can include cake plates and cake stands that will put your dessert and sweet creations on a pedestal (sometimes, quite literally) for all to admire. For those who like to entertain with afternoon tea or high tea, a beautiful teapot is a another must-have serving accessory that acts as the 'cherry on top'.

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