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Stitch in Time

The Stitch in Time program was launched in November 2006 as a partnership between Spotlight and World Vision Australia. Stitch in Time has been developed specifically to empower women living in difficult situations by teaching them a vocational skill (sewing) that enables them to generate an income and better their circumstances. Whist the original partnership with World Vision has now ceased (due to requirements being fulfilled) the program has expanded to include key partnerships in Vietnam, Cambodia and Maningrida in the Northern Territory as well as numerous community organisations around Australia.

In Vietnam, Stitch in Time works closely with The Lifestart Foundation. The Lifestart Foundation is a grassroots, not-for-profit charity that helps disadvantaged Vietnamese people and their families to become self-sufficient. The team works to create sustainable and ongoing income streams for the disadvantaged via education and vocational training schemes including a sewing program with Spotlight and Stitch in Time. Bags sewn by the women in Vietnam are sold in Spotlight stores for $7.95.

In Siem Reap, Cambodia, Spotlight run a Stitch in Time sewing centre with Together for Cambodia. Women employed in the centre also make bags that are sold in Spotlight stores for $7.95 and are employed by local organisations such as schools and hotels to make uniforms and laundry bags. Together for Cambodia not only provides vocational training for young people through the Stitch in Time centre but also runs a children's home for approximately 40 at risk or orphaned children. Spotlight is proud to also support this element of their program.

The latest addition to the Stitch in Time program is the Maningrida Fabric Collection. This range is made up of the designs of women from Maningrida, a remote aboriginal community in the Northern Territory. Each designer has their name and design name on the selvedge and ticket, and each fabric is individually printed with their own story.

Spotlight went to great lengths to ensure the integrity and rawness of the original art when the product went to print. The process involved each and every artist approving the designs before bulk production was agreed to. The artists are all thrilled with the result.

Spotlight has been licensed to use these particular designs and pays a percentage of the price of each meter produced back to the community, however, the individual artists and Barbbarra designs retain all ownership of the designs. A percentage of the profits goes directly back into the community as Babbarra Designs is a community owned organisation and the income is channelled directly into funding the employment of the textile artists at the centre.

Fabric retails for $19.99 AUD per metre.
108cm wide - 100% cotton.

Australian Packaging Covenant

The Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) represents a commitment by governments and industry to the sustainable design, use and recovery of packaging. It is the voluntary component of a co-regulatory model designed to reduce the environmental impacts of consumer packaging by encouraging improvements in packaging design, higher recycling rates and better stewardship of packaging.

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