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Spotlight's electric blanket range will keep you warm and toasty during those cold winter nights. There's nothing better than putting on your fleecy PJs, flicking on the TV with your remote control and doing the hop, skip and jump into a cosy bed for the evening. Below you'll find the perfect buying guide to help you choose the electric blanket that is right for your bed.


Whether you have a single bed, king single, double, queen bed or king bed, Spotlight has anelectric blanketto suit. Our range includes fitted blankets, as well as aquiltedelectrictopper. You can also choose a plush heated throw rug to make cuddling up on the couch that little more special. As you would expect from Spotlight, whether you're looking for an electric blanket, cookware, juicers, bathroom accessories or even coffee machines you know you'll find great value. Our electric blankets are all affordable, giving you even more choice where it matters. So, put one on your wishlist today and shop in store or online.


When you think about toasters you think Sunbeam. When you think about sandwich makers you think Breville. When you think about electric blankets you think Jason. The Jason brand is Australian-owned and has been in the Australian bedding market for more than 65 years. Jason is a well-known family bedding company that has built a reputation on providing quality and value for money products. Jason electric blankets come with a 3 year warranty for your protection and total peace of mind. Both Jason and Spotlight pride themselves on giving you great products you can trust, at an affordable price. Not only do you get great value, but our everyday low prices means Spotlight can safely offer a Lowest Price Guarantee on all their products, including electric blankets. That means you can shop and safely know you are getting quality Jason products at the best offers available. If you're a VIP customer you will receive extra savings throughout the year. And because you're buying from an Australian store, you can trust your products will be delivered on time, and you will always get what you pay for.


The real question is why shouldn't you? Adding an electric blanket to your bed for the colder months allows you to quickly and easily heat your bed before jumping in. And if you get cold at night while sleeping, flicking it on to quickly warm up is a luxury that is very affordable. Spotlight's Jason electric blankets all have fully fitted skirts, which means they fit snugly around your mattress, usually on top of the mattress protector and under the sheet. The different heat settings allow you to find the perfect temperature for your side of the bet, and let your partner do the very same, with most queen bed and king size electric blankets having dual controls.


Safety is one of the key features of Spotlight's Jason electric blankets and throw rug, so you don't have to worry about any overheat issues, if you use them as directed. You won't have to be concerned about wool fleece, whether you have a quilted electric blanket or topper, as they are all designed to Australian Standards. Some of our blankets are even machine washable, making them extra durable and easy to maintain. And some Spotlight electric blankets also include auto-off timers to give you that extra peace of mind.

Safety is just one reason to buy a Spotlight electric blanket. Our range includes models that have up to seven different heat settings, and an electronic LED controller that is very user-friendly. That is a sure fire way to be able to find the perfect comfort level for every bed. Some of our blankets also feature wool lofts, to take that extra comfort to another level on coldwinter nights.


The Jason Fully Fitted Electric Blanketand the Jason Sherpa Electric Blanket are made from polyester fabric, while the Jason Wool Electric Blanket is made of 100% Australian Wool for extra comfort. Other products are made from a combination of polyester and wool.


The Jason heated throw can be ideal for people who are feeling unwell, or who feel the cold due to poor circulation or not being able to move around much. They are also great for anyone who likes snuggling up on the sofa during the colder months. You can buy our Jason throw rugs in silver grey or blue. They are soft to the touch and have user-friendly slider controls for different heat settings, as well as a long power lead to help you stretch out on your favourite chair or couch.


Spotlight has one of Australia's largest ranges of bed linen at bargain prices, from pillowcases to bed wraps and everything in between. Quilt covers, coverlets and bedspreads are the perfect partner to yourelectric blanketto help keep you warm, and bed cushions can add that extra style to your bedroom. Spotlight also has a large range of sheet sets, individual sheets, flat sheets and fitted sheets, with different thread counts to suit your needs. And with big brands such as KOO, Hotel Savoy and Brampton House, you'll have great quality to choose from no matter what your budget is. You also have a great range of colours and patterns to select from, giving you so many options you'll be spoiled for choice.


If you have any other questions about which is the best electric blanket for you to purchase, please feel free to ask our sales staff either in-store or by emailing your questions through the website. Our staff will be waiting and will be pleased to offer assistance. If you want to know more about any other part of Spotlight or products, including our returns policy, click on our FAQ link at the bottom of the page. You will also find information about afterpay, zippay, gift cards and Lay-By below.

Spotlight's Lowest Price Guarantee is a great way to get the best deal possible on your electric blanket purchase. All you need to do is provide advertising material, a quote, even an old receipt from another retail store to prove the same product is cheaper there. We will beat that price by 10%, but we have to be sure it is the same brand, model, colour and year of manufacture. We also have to make sure the item is one that is currently in stock in that store, and is offered at that price. Our Lowest Price Guarantee is only available in our stores, so it can certainly be worth your while to check out the great value at Spotlight online, and head into any of our stores to make the most of our cheap prices.



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