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Quality bed linen plays an important role in protecting your mattress for longer life while creating a smooth and comfortable surface for you and your family to sleep on, which is essential for a good night's sleep and much-needed beauty sleep. At Spotlight, we are dedicated to selling great quality bed linen including quilt covers and bed sheet sets that are beautiful and affordable. Get your essential bed linen and make your bed look great with decorative bed cushions and European pillowcases. Featuring well-known brands such as Linen House, KOO, Logan & Mason, Dri Glo, you'll find something you'll love in the collection.

How To Choose The Best Bed Linen

You don't need to be an interior design guru to choose the best bed linen, but it pays to know a few pointers so you get the bedding set to suit your purposes:

  • Materials & Fabrics: Cotton and cotton blends are the most popular materials but you can also find a wide range of bamboo, flannel, satin and polyester bed sheet sets. Egyptian cotton is also popular due to its durability and luxury. If you're prone to allergies, make sure you look for bed linen that is made from natural fibres. Our range of silk and satin pillowcases are great for adding a layer of luxury and comfort.
  • Size & Coverage: Know the dimensions of your mattress so you purchase a sheet set with the perfect fit. Extra-deep fitted sheet sets are available for padded mattresses and you can also buy large flat bed sheets to make them fit more securely on the bed. Most bedding set packaging specifies the dimensions, so make sure you check before you buy.
  • Colour & Print: To create a cohesive look in your bedroom, consider your current decor and room colour scheme and choose bed linen to match. Perhaps you want a bold print to add a pop of colour or opt for a muted plain colour to not detract from other statement pieces in the room.
  • Style & Texture: When choosing bed linen, there are some different textures such as jacquard, tufted, quilted, flannelette bed linen, velvet and waffle. These texture options can add to the depth of your bed and provide a satisfying tactile experience. Additionally, styles such as velvet and jacquard can provide extra warmth.

Bed Linen FAQs

What basic bed linen do I need?

To start off with, you usually need a quilt cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcases. You can also opt for a coverlet for extra style and warmth.

What is included in a bed sheet set?

A bedding set is a pack of matching bed sheets and pillowcases that are bundled together for convenience. Usual bed sheet set size options includes single or king single, double, queen, king, or in some cases super king.

Do I need a flat sheet?

While flat or sheets are a matter of personal choice, it's recommended to make use of fitted sheets and flat sheets to help reduce sweat transferral and keep your bedding as fresh as possible until wash day.

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Ready to purchase? You can click through to our extensive range of bedding sets and bed linen online. Our buying guides also offer heaps of practical tips and information on factors like how to choose bed linen, how to care for your bed linen and how to fold a fitted sheet.

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