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How To Organise Your Crafting Room?

When you are an avid crafter, it is certainly not uncommon for your crafting room to become a little cluttered or disorganised. Spotlight can provide you with some amazing products to organise your crafting room again, but also with some wonderful tips on how to get the process started. So, if you could use some help, be sure to check out the information below.

What Is The First Thing I Need To Do To Organise My Crafting Room?

To start organising your crafting room, it is important to start getting rid of crafting supplies you know you are never going to use. It is not uncommon for crafters to keep a hold of some spare supplies, this includes swatches of fabric, beads, and other small crafting materials. However, over time, you can acquire quite a collection. It can even include stuff you know you will never use again. So, have an honest look at what you have and what you can get rid of before you start organising.

What Is The Second Thing I Need To Do To Organise My Crafting Room?

Before you start organising, it can be useful to get an overview of all the stuff you have. From actual tools and machines to fabrics, thread, beads, and other small supplies. Get all the things you want to keep out in the open to get an overview.

During this overview process, it can help to place similar supplies in the same pile. For example, you can place all your fabrics in one pile and all your spare bits of thread in another, this helps you to see what kind of storage solutions you will need for the next stage.

What Is The Third Thing I Need To Do To Organise My Crafting Room?

Having some good boxes and dedicated crafting storage solutions can do wonders for your crafting room. Once you have everything you need to store out in the open, it is time to look at some crafting solutions that could make your crafting supplies more accessible and better organised at the same time.

While it is likely you already have some cupboards and shelves inside your crafting room, crafters could certainly benefit from obtaining some jars, boxes, and even dedicated organisers to put inside or on top of cupboards, this will keep each type of crafting supply separate and more easily accessible.

Naturally, the storage solutions you require will depend on the crafts you do regularly. For example, if you work with fabrics on a regular basis, it can help to have an actual wardrobe with organisers inside your crafting room, this enables you to display all your crafting fabrics and enables you to get them out more easily.

What Is The Fourth Thing I Need To Do To Organise My Crafting Room?

Before you start the arduous process of putting all your supplies back, you must ask yourself if you want to redecorate your crafting room, this can range from giving the room a new layer of paint or putting up some new shelves. If the answer is yes, it is ideal to do this before you put new storage solutions inside the room and before you start putting things back.

Please note that certain organisers are mounted on the wall. If you prefer to have easier access to certain crafting tools, getting such a wall-mounted organiser and mounting it on the wall before you put everything back is a brilliant idea.

What Is the Fifth Thing I Need To Do To Organise My Crafting Room?

Start by putting your new and existing organisation solutions in the crafting room, this goes from a new wardrobe for your fabrics to sectioned storage cubicles for those smaller crafting supplies. While you do this, always consider the amount of space you have to access these storage solutions. Do not place them too close or into narrow areas that are not easily accessible, as this can get a little annoying over time.

Once you have your bulkier storage solutions in place, start organising the smaller crafting supplies in marked boxes and place them in a logical location. While doing this, remember to put your most-used supplies in the easiest accessible location.



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