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Spotlight's Ultimate Toaster Buying Guide

Since toasters are commonplace nowadays, you may be tempted to grab the first toaster you see on the shelf. However, since toasters are so popular, they do come with a variety of extra features that could be useful to you. So, knowing what features complement your household could give you a much more efficient toaster. Let us look at our toaster guide to find the best toaster for you.

How Many Slices Of Toast Can My Toaster Make?

Nowadays, toasters accommodate for both smaller and bigger households. For all the students and the singles out there, there is the two-slice toaster. It is perfect for anyone who does not eat toast on a regular basis, or only requires toast for themselves in their household. Most two-slice toasters also have a compact design, making it a great choice for compact kitchens too.

If you have a larger household, you can choose a toaster that allows four to six pieces of toast at the same time. Evidently, these toasters can be a little bulkier and therefore need enough kitchen counter space. These larger toasters also allow you to cook two slices at a time, which means you can purchase this toaster if you live alone but want the option to make larger quantities of toast at the same time.

What Are The Main Things To Look At Before Buying A Toaster?

There are a couple of things you want to look at before purchasing a toaster. Fortunately, these properties are straightforward and easy to find out. In fact, you can easily find this information in an online catalogue.

Toasted scale: New toasters tend to come with their own toasted scale, telling you how toasted the bread will be when it comes out. It can be indicated by symbols as well as numbers. Evidently, the larger scales give you more toasting options than those with a smaller scale.

Lift: If you had the same toaster for a couple of years, you already know that some of the older models had a lift that left a little to be desired. The lift is basically the distance between the piece of toast and the toaster when it pops out. If the lift is too close, then your chance of burning a finger or two is much higher. So, make sure that your toaster has a decent lift before you purchase it.

Width: Interestingly, not all toasters accommodate for different types of bread. Some toasters only take small bread, while others provide you with adjustable widths. Naturally, this is extremely important for a toaster and you should always look for the options that accommodate for the bread you use most regularly.

Removable trays: The latest toasters tend to come with a removable crumb tray. These crumb trays are handy, because it gives you a clear and easy way to ensure your toaster stays clean and hygienic. Before the arrival of the crumb tray, cleaning a toaster was only possible by turning it around and shaking the crumbs out.

What Are The Standard Settings My Toaster Should Have?

Your toaster should always have a couple of settings. While the toasting setting is the obvious one, you also want to look for reheat and defrost functions.

Some people place their bread in the freezer, especially when they do an entire week's shop and do not want their bread to go stale before they get to the second loaf. If you have a defrost setting on your toaster, you can easily defrost and toast the bread in one easy swoop. No additional defrost time required, just a nice piece of toast to enjoy for breakfast.

The reheat function is another essential feature for the current day toaster. It is not uncommon for breakfast preparations to take a little longer than usual, leaving you with some toasted bread that has cooled down a lot already. Fortunately, the reheat feature on your new toaster can reheat your toast without burning it to a crisp.

In addition to the defrost and reheat settings, there are a bunch of additional features to be found on toasters - this can include special settings for bagels and crumpets. However, the most important to always have is the reheat and defrost.

Buy Your New Toaster For An Affordable Price At Spotlight

Spotlight provides customers with an exquisite range of toasters, available in different designs and colours. Of course, our toasters also come with the essential features, with some toasters providing advanced features and settings too. That way, there is something suitable for everyone's budget and requirements.

Discover the range of toasters and Spotlight today and save big on your next toaster purchase. Whether you choose a two slice or four slice toaster, our toasters will transform your breakfast into the most fun part of the day.



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