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How To Get The Most From A Cooler Box Or Bag?

Cooler boxes and bags are extremely popular in New Zealand. After all, it provides you with the means to keep food and drink cool while you are out and about. At Spotlight, we provide a full range of cooler boxes and bags, so you can benefit from the coolest drinks on the hottest days.

Have you never packed a cooler before? No need to worry, because Spotlight is ready to share its top tips for cooler box and bag packing!

How Do I Increase The Lifespan Of Ice And Ice Packs?

One of the ways to increase the lifespan of ice and ice packs you use inside a cooler is to chill the cooler sufficiently before you add the ice to it. If you live in quite the cold environment, you can simply leave the cooler outside overnight. If this is not possible, you can also place the cooler in the fridge or in a very cold spot inside your home.

Another way to keep your cooler cold for longer is to add an additional layer of insulation on the top of your cooler, this will shield the inside of your cooler against warmer temperatures caused by direct sunlight shining on the cooler. You can use special insulation sheets, but also other items with insulating properties.

To ensure the cold does not leave the cooler, always make sure that the box or bag is completely locked and sealed. If the cooler is left open even a little, the cold air will escape and the temperature inside the cooler will rise very quickly. Evidently, this is the last thing you want on your trip.

Can I Freeze Foods Before I Add Them To A Cooler Bag Or Box?

It depends when you will be using them. It is generally a bad idea to pack frozen food in the morning if you plan on having them the same day. However, if you are having them the next day, or even the day after, you can freeze foods before you put them in a cooler box or bag. These frozen foods will also contribute to keeping the items inside the box or bag cool.

Foods are not the only things you can freeze, because you can do the same with water and non-fizzy drinks. If you go camping, place the frozen water bottles on the bottom of your cooler, this will keep all the rest of your food and drink cool. Plus, you will have something cold to drink upon arrival.

Is It Best To Use Small Ice Cubes Or Bigger Ice Blocks?

The bigger the ice you use, the more effective it will be to keep the contents of your cooler cold. However, there is a more effective method, more specifically dry ice. Of course, dry ice can be a little bit of an investment and you must acquire it shortly before you leave on your trip, which can be a logistical nightmare.

When you decide to use real ice to keep your cooler cold, it is recommended to add some form of barrier between the ice and the stored items. For example, if you were to store your foods directly on the eyes, they can easily get soggy or cross-contaminate other foods, this especially applies to red meats and chicken. You could add a thin layer of cardboard or another barrier to prevent this from happening.

How To Add Foods To The Cooler?

Some people store their foods in their original packaging inside the cooler. While some packaging materials will not provide you with any problems, other packaging materials can be more problematic. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to purchase some freezer bags and use it to pack your foods. If one of the bags should get soggy, it will not influence the products inside.

When packing your foods in the cooler, always remember to keep them organised as well as separated. Not only will this ensure easier access to your food and drink, it also prevents cross-contamination. So, think about how you will arrange your items before you start packing food and drink.



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