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At Spotlight, we have got all your craft needs covered with our huge range of craft kits. Whether you are looking for something in particular, to provide entertainment for the kids, or perhaps you are hoping to start a new hobby, then encourage creativity with one of the fabulous kits available here. You will find clock making kits, dreamcatchers, diamond art, stickers and more. There are simply so many craft kits to choose from! Have fun getting crafty or pass on the kit to a family member or friend as a gift, they are bound to love getting into one of these fabulous options.

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Discover The Benefits Of The Unique Craft Kits Available At Spotlight

Starting with a new craft can be a daunting process. Not only do you have to learn a completely new skill, but you will often need a bunch of supplies to match. Fortunately, Spotlight can make the process easier by offering a range of unique craft kits for young and old.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Craft Kit To Learn Something New?

Most crafts will require a bunch of essential supplies that can be an investment. As such, many people do not go ahead with their dream of learning how to sew, paint, or any other craft they have their eye on. However, if you choose a kit, you will have all your essential supplies and the instructions in one convenient place.

Since kits combine the supplies you need for a craft project, it can be considerably more affordable than buying all the supplies separately. It is perfect if you want to try your hand at something new, but you are not quite sure if you will want to continue with it.

Naturally, crafting kits are not only suitable for adults, as children will get a lot of benefit from these craft kits too. Craft kits can keep your little one occupied and teach them a valuable skill at the end.

What Different Types Of Craft Kits Are Available At Spotlight?

Spotlight provides a variety of craft kits to cater to different craft needs. From basic needlework and crochet to painting and creating your own pincushions, we have craft kits for some of the most diverse crafts out there.

When Should I Start Buying Supplies Individually Opposed To Buying Craft Kits?

Most people who become more proficient at their craft tend to start buying individual supplies. For example, you may have a specific project in mind, but there is no real craft kit to cater for that project. In those cases, you can start building your own collection with individual tools and crafting materials from Spotlight.

As the number one supplier of crafting supplies in New Zealand, Spotlight has you covered with a large collection of individual crafting supplies as well. You name a craft, we can provide the supplies for it, this ranges from sewing and embroidery to pottery and woodworking. Simply check out our extensive collection to determine which supplies you need and how much you could save by shopping with us.

Do I Need Additional Storage Solutions For Craft Kits?

An additional advantage of craft kits is that most supplies inside these kits will be used once your project is finished, this means you do not necessarily need any additional storage solutions to keep your crafting supplies. That being said, some crafting kits may have supplies that can be reused, this could be the case for sewing needles, pincushions, pens, and other things that could come with your craft kit.

If you do decide to go ahead with your new craft and want to start building your personal collection, Spotlight can assist you with countless crafting storage solutions. Our range of crafting storage solutions ranges from boxes and dividers to crafting furniture, so we are sure you will find the exquisite solutions you are looking for.

What If I Cannot Decide On A Specific Craft Kit?

When you want to learn a new craft, you often find yourself wanting to do different things, this means that choosing one specific craft kit might not be that evident for you. In these cases, we usually recommend that customers obtain at least two craft kits, each for a different craft. This way, you are certain to have a craft you like and want to continue with.

Have you spotted a craft kit in our extensive catalogue, but rather unsure about the craft in question? You can always contact our Spotlight team for some advice and assistance. Our website also contains various information pages on dedicated crafts, where you can learn some of the things involved. Of course, you can also visit our store in person if you require some face-to-face assistance. Our team will be more than happy to assist and provide you with additional recommendations if they are required.



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