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Create stunning felt art with wool roving and felting accessories from Spotlight. Discover multi needle felting tools, single needle felting tools, felting blocks and mats, needle felting kits and more in the range. Felting is the art of creating textiles by matting, condensing and pressing wool fibres together, allowing you to make unique fabrics and objects. Explore vibrant wool roving fibres at Spotlight to create beautifully coloured and textured designs. With pure wool roving and the right tools you can create felt for hats, scarves, brooches and other accessories. You can also make gorgeous three dimensional objects like needle felted animals with our kits, which include all the materials and tools required to make adorable creations from start to finish.

Wool Roving & Felting Accessories FAQs

What is wool roving?

Wool roving is the name given to natural wool fibres that have been cleaned, carded, combed, processed and sometimes dyed - but most importantly, has not been spun into yarn. Wool roving resembles a fluffy bundle of fibres that's ready to be transformed through spinning or felting processes.

What is needle felting?

Needle felting is the art of creating three dimensional objects using wool fibres or wool roving. With the use of special tools including felting needles and felting mats you can create gorgeous woollen felt animals - or anything your imagination desires!

How to do needle felting

Needle felting is a simple process, but one that requires patience for repetitive motions! Felting needles feature a hooked, barbed end that causes wool fibres to start to lock together as it's pushed into the wool roving. It's a soothing and meditative process, and a super accessible craft for most ages and skill levels. Explore the materials, techniques and processes for needle felting in more detail in our comprehensive needle felting & embroidery DIY guide!

Do I have to use wool for felting?

Wool is a natural protein fibre, most commonly sourced from sheep. It's technically a hair fibre which features tiny, naturally occurring overlapping scales called cuticle cells. Because of this unique surface structure, wool fibres will naturally mesh and lock together when continuously agitated - just think of how your hair can sometimes get matted together! For this reason, only wool roving fibres can be used for felting. Other natural fibres and smooth synthetic fibres lack the required structure to be felted together.


Explore the unique and meditative art of felting and needle felting with the right materials and supplies from Spotlight. Find everything you need to get started creating from our range, including a range of tools, wool roving and even finger guards to keep you safe and protected. Shop the complete selection online to enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your order. Alternatively, head into your nearest Spotlight store to explore the range of yarn & needle art supplies in person! Inspire your next art & craft creations with our extensive range of FREE DIY projects online, and be sure to check out our informative Create articles to get the imagination going! Don't forget, Spotlight VIPs enjoy exclusive discounts and membership benefits so make sure you sign up today.



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