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Brighten Your Home With Stylish Mirrors From Spotlight

Mirrors can be used to elevate and decorate just about every space in your home. From bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces and hallways, mirrors can be a style statement that's also extremely practical! Aside from giving you the opportunity to review your appearance or do your hair and makeup, mirrors can also reflect your surroundings to make rooms feel more spacious. They also amplify light to brighten small spaces and dark corners. At Spotlight, you can find framed mirrors in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any decor theme.

Where Can I Place Mirrors In My Home?

  • Living Rooms: If you can't decide on the perfect wall art for your living area, why not decorate your blank wall with a mirror or two? You can add a touch of colour or texture with a decoratively framed mirror, while also accentuating your interior decor theme through the mirror's reflection. Consider placing a large mirror above a mantelpiece as a statement piece, or hanging smaller mirrors in amongst a gallery wall to truly brighten the space.
  • Hallways: A thoughtfully placed mirror can make small spaces like halls and entryways seem smaller and brighter - plus a handily located mirror above a console table is perfect for checking your appearance before dashing out the door!
  • Bathrooms: Using a mirror is an essential part of just about any bathroom routine, from doing hair, make-up, to applying face masks and more. Just ensure that your chosen mirror and frame is designed for use in bathrooms, as they need to be specially made to withstand steamy and humid environments.
  • Bedrooms: Standing mirrors and over-the-door mirrors are the most common styles found in these spaces, with the full-length designs being perfect for checking out complete outfits from top to toe. A mirror above a bedhead is also a great way to decorate your wall and brighten your room.

Mirrors FAQs

How do mirrors work?

Mirrors reflect their surroundings by reflecting back just about all the light that hits their surface. This is due to the metallic coating on the back of the glass, which the light hits and then bounces back and in turn creates a reflection. These days, mirror glass is created using a thin coating of aluminium on the back, though you may still find antique mirrors that were traditionally created using silver.

How to clean a mirror

The best way to restore shine and sparkle to your mirror is to wash it with nothing more than clean, warm water and a microfibre cloth. If there is a build-up of fingerprints or greasy marks, you can use glass cleaner approved for use on mirrors as well. You should avoid getting the edges of the mirror wet if possible, as this can damage the reflective backing over time. Finally, make sure you never use paper towels to clean your mirror, as tiny particles of paper fibres will leave you with more of a mess than you started with!

How to hang a mirror

The safest way to hang a mirror is to use hooks that are permanently fixed to your walls, as many stick-on hooks will not be able to accommodate the weight of heavy mirrors. Here are a few tips, tricks and essential equipment you'll need to hang your mirror to perfection:

  • Check the weight of your mirror, and choose hooks with a weight rating greater than the mirror weight. If the weight is not listed on the mirror packaging, try popping onto bathroom scales both with and without the mirror and work out the difference.
  • Equip yourself with a spirit level, stud finder, marking pencil and ladder. A stud finder is very handy when determining the best place for your hooks - generally, this means screwing them into a timber stud behind your plaster or drywall. If your walls are brick or concrete, make sure you have some masonry plugs to hand as well.
  • After drilling holes and securing your hook or hooks to the wall, you can hang your mirror. Many framed mirrors include picture wire at the back for ease of hanging. Get a friend to help you lift it in place if it's very large or heavy. Finally, use your spirit level to determine if the mirror is sitting straight.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight To Decorate My Walls?

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  • Photo Frames: The right photo frame is the perfect way to highlight treasured memories and keep your precious prints, photos and drawings safe. At Spotlight, you can discover a huge range of photo frames in different sizes and materials to coordinate with any home decor theme.
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