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Choosing The Right Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs have come a long way in the past hundred years. While most options were very basic, even the affordable options have become incredibly elaborate and decorative. So, how do you choose the perfect mug with such a range of choices available? By reading our comprehensive guide for choosing the right coffee mug of course!

What Are The Advantages Of Choosing The Porcelain Coffee Mug?

When you look at most coffee cups today, you will find they are made from porcelain. Porcelain can be made from various raw materials, which in turn can influence the properties and the price of the material. Common resources that can be used for porcelain include kaolinite, ball clay, feldspar and even ash.

There are many advantages to choosing a mug made from porcelain. Firstly, the material is quite durable and can stand the test of time. In fact, porcelain tea cups have been known to be passed down from generation to generation. In addition to that, the material also has a high melting point, this means that a hot drink will stay hot for longer.

In the past, porcelain was associated with a relatively high price that was not obtainable by everyone. However, porcelain is easy to produce and paint these days, so everyone can enjoy porcelain mugs for quite the low price.

What Are The Advantages of Enamel Mugs?

Enamel has a number of variants these days, so you will find that the source material can be quite different depending on the type of enamel used. That being said, most enamel used for mugs are made with a combination of powered glass and ceramics. However, powdered glass and metal is also an option.

The unique production method of enamel provides the mug with quite the glossy finish, which is attractive to many people as it is quite the elegant look. However, the unique production process also provides more benefits, as the mug has properties such as corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, and even shatter resistance!

What Are The Advantages Of Plastic Mugs?

It needs to be said that plastic mugs are hardly used by adults. In most cases, they are used by children, as they are almost unbreakable. That being said, plastic mugs can have some applications for adults. In fact, they are used for outdoor picnics or even camping trips, as porcelain could easily be damaged in such conditions.

While plastic scores relatively well in terms of durability, it is not as good at maintaining temperatures compared to other materials. So, if you were to add a hot liquid to a plastic mug, it will get colder a lot sooner. Nevertheless, it is more than suitable for cold drinks and hot drinks that are drunk relatively quickly.

What Are The Advantages Of Steel Mugs?

Steel mugs may not look as good as enamel or porcelain mugs, but they were created for a reason. Manufacturers were looking for a mug that was unbreakable and came up with the steel mug. However, they discovered one more property in the process and that was thermo-regulation.

Most steel mugs these days are used for their outstanding thermal properties. When you add hot liquid to a steel mug, it will stay warm for long periods of time. When you compare it to other materials, steel will keep it warm the longest.

In addition to its thermal and unbreakable properties, metal is also resistant to corrosion. Evidently, this is an essential property because of the frequent contact with liquid. So, the only real downside to the steel mug is its rather unattractive appearance.

What Are The Advantages Of Glass Mugs?

When you think about a mug that can hold hot liquids, the last material you are probably thinking about is glass. However, glass can be "tempered", which enables it to handle hot liquids without shattering. Of course, tempered glass is used for more than just mugs these days. You will also find this material on shower doors, outdoor tables, coffee tables, and much more.

Mugs can look streamlined and elegant, but they do not hold onto heat as well as other materials described in this overview. However, the tempered nature of the glass does give you one durable mug in your collection!



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