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Which Drinking Bottle Should I Choose For My Kid?

When you take a quick look at the range of drinking bottles at Spotlight, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the choice. However, once you become familiar with the different types of drinking bottles and their benefits, the choice becomes a whole lot easier.

What Are The Benefits Of A Spout Bottle?

Spout bottles are a great option for children older than three years old. Once they have mastered the sippy cup and the spill-proof bottle, they can start on something a little more intricate in the form of the spout bottle.

For most children, spout bottles can have a soothing effect. The upper part of the bottle can feel somewhat similar to baby bottles or sippy cups, so the transition to this kind of bottle can be easier. It also ensures that your child gets plenty to drink when they are at school.

You will find that spout bottles are available in various sizes, colours and designs. So, you will have little trouble finding a spout bottle your little one will adore. Just check out the affordable range at Spotlight to find the perfect one.

What Are The Benefits Of The Spill-Proof Cup?

Spill-proof cups are a strong favourite among Australian parents, as well as parents in the rest of the world. Young children can drop a cup quite easily, and this is a kind of accident that cannot really be avoided. Fortunately, the spill-proof cup can provide a solution.

A spill-proof cup is perfectly sealed and does not leak fluid when it is knocked over. So, if your child does not have brilliant motor skills yet and you want to protect the carpet and flooring in your home, this kind of cup is a great option.

In addition to its usefulness to prevent spills, parents can use this kind of cup when working on the transition from the baby bottle to the sippy cup. As it has a spout comparable to a baby bottle teat, the transition could be a little easier.

What Are The Benefits Of Take & Toss Cups?

Have you gone through a countless number of cups over the past couple of months because your child tends to leave them behind or lose them? If so, then the Take & Toss cups from our catalogue could provide a brilliant solution.

Like most cups, Take & Toss cups can be reused over the course of time. However, the main difference is that Take & Toss cups are made from very affordable materials. So, if one of these cups is lost, you simply switch to the next one.

What Are The Benefits Of The Tumbler?

Tumbler drinkware tends to be large in size and can come in various designs. We must mention that tumblers are not sealed, which means they are more suitable for older children. That being said, they have a distinct benefit. Because of their larger size, they can hold a good quantity of drink. If you want to make sure your child stays hydrated, then giving them their own themed tumbler can be a really good idea.

What Are The Benefits Of The Tritan Drink Bottle?

Not all parents are familiar with Tritan drink bottles, despite of their amazing advantages. Tritan is a special material that is extremely durable and break-resistant, which obviously makes it a really safe choice for young children.

Tritan drink bottles for children are often accompanied by additional features that parents look for. It may include a leak-proof lid, a carrying loop for easy storage, detachable straw, or a built-in spout for easier drinking. Most Tritan bottles are also BPA free and can easily be washed in the dishwasher. Of course, it is advised to always check the product description for details such as this.

Check Out Our Affordable Range Of Bottles And Cups

The drinkware collection for children at Spotlight is truly remarkable. We have bottles and cups for children of all ages, accompanied by some of the most sought-after features. Our cups and bottles are also made from safe materials, so you can have peace of mind that your child will stay hydrated and safe when using the bottle or cup you purchased from our catalogue.



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