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Neatly sew curves and hems with our fabulous range of bias binding available at Spotlight. With an extensive collection of colours, sizes and materials, we have the bias binding that you need for your project here. Using bias binding in your sewing projects produces a decorative and professional finish and helps to ensure that your creations always look their best. Shop our bias binding range now for bargains galore across the collection.

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What Is Bias Binding? Find Out At Spotlight!

Bias binding is a specific strip of fabric, more specifically it has been cut on the bias, this means the fabric was cut at a 45-degree angle in relation to the woven threads.

Even though bias binding is something you will encounter regularly in your sewing projects, a lot of beginners are not familiar with bias binding. If you wish to learn more about bias binding and its applications, be sure to read the info below.

What Is Bias Binding Used For And Why Is It Important?

There are several applications for bias binding, this includes for projects such as garments and even quilting. Bias binding is most commonly used to give a clean finish to your projects, so you will be working with them almost immediately.

In addition to creating a beautiful finish or a decorative accent, bias binding also has another functional application. One prime example is the curved areas of your garments. These areas tend to stretch easily, so crafters will use bias binding to give these areas more strength, consistency, and structure.

Should I Make My Own Bias Binding Or Purchase Ready-Made Bias Binding?

As a beginner, it is often recommended to purchase your bias binding ready-made. Nowadays, you can easily find bias binding in all kinds of colours and designs, so you are bound to find something to match your project.

Ready-made bias binding is usually available as a single fold or a double fold. While they can be used for the same applications, double fold tends to provide additional strength, this because the bias binding has been folded in half one more time.

Bias binding can be bought in a variety of materials. However, beginners will find that polyester-cotton blends are the easiest to work with. They are also relatively affordable, so you can acquire a collection of them for your projects.

How Do I Make My Own Bias Binding?

We do not recommend making your own bias binding until you have become a little more proficient at sewing. Still, if you want to give it a try, there are two methods that are commonly used for bias binding, the single-length method and the continuous method.

There are various guides online on how to make your own bias binding, which should help you apply one of the two methods mentioned earlier. However, we also need to mention that there are so-called bias binding makers out there, this means you can make your own bias binding without getting too technical.

Is There A Difference Between Bias Binding And Bias Tape?

Bias binding and bias tape are two terms that are often used interchangeably, since they look similar and can be used for the same purpose. That being said, there is a difference between these two types.

To help you understand the difference, it must be said that most bias binding is made from bias tape. The tape is folded and wrapped around the fabric to conceal its round edges. So, in an abbreviated version, bias tape is the starting point of bias binding.

What Bias Binding Is Available At Spotlight?

Spotlight provides bias binding in all kinds of materials and designs. We provide the standard bias tape, but also loom elastic, satin bias binding, and other cool materials that will have numerous applications for your projects.

Even though Spotlight provides a beautiful range of bias binding options, you can also count on our range of fabrics to create your own bias binding. Spotlight provides some of the best and most affordable fabrics, so be sure to check out the collection when you want to make something special.

Of course, Spotlight does not solely provide supplies for quilting and sewing, we provide supplies for other crafts as well. Whether you love needlepoint or painting pictures, you can find everything you need for an affordable price at Spotlight.

Need more information about bias binding? Or do you need some help picking out the right bias binding for your project? No need to worry, because you can always count on the Spotlight team to provide you with the advice you require. Contact us by telephone or drop by at your nearest Spotlight store!



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