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Great Crafting Projects You Can Try With Ribbon

Ribbon can be used in an almost endless amount of crafting projects. From floristry to sewing and macrame, there is so much to do with ribbon. Still, if you find yourself in need of some inspiration, here are some great projects to try with the ribbons from the Spotlight collection.

How Do I Make Ribbon Flowers?

If you have some spare ribbons laying around and want to repurpose them, then making some ribbon flowers is the perfect way to recycle used ribbon. They are easy to make too and only require a minimal amount of supplies.

First, you start by making the petals of the flower. Simply take a strip of ribbon and add a small amount of hot glue in the centre of the ribbon. Then, press the ribbon in half. Repeat this several times - one glued piece of ribbon will form two petals on the flower. The more petals you make, the more intricate the flower will look.

Once you have your petals, you can start gluing them upon one another. Just make sure the actual ends of the petals don't overlap. Once you are happy with the number of petals you have stacked on one another, you can finish the centre of the petals with a nice button, stone, or even a decorative jewel.

How To Decorate A Wreath With Ribbon?

When you want something special for the holidays and don't want to deal with foliage for your Christmas wreath, you can make an outstanding alternative by using some ribbon from the Spotlight collection.

To create a more original wreath with ribbon, simply obtain one of the wreath bases from Spotlight or create your own. Then, apply hot glue all over the base and wind the ribbon over the base in a diagonal manner. To finish the wreath, hot glue your favourite decorations on the ribbon in strategic locations.

What Can I Make With Ribbon Leftovers in Different Materials And Designs?

Surprisingly, there are countless projects you can try with different kinds of ribbon leftovers. One of our personal favourites is the ribbon tassel keychain, enabling you to use your leftovers in a most original manner.

To create the leftover ribbon keychain, you will need a metal keyring chain. Next, grab each of the bits of leftover ribbon and add them to the chain. Please note that some ribbons may be too wide for a delicate ribbon tassel keychain. In these cases, cut the ribbon in half vertically - this makes sure that the ribbon is thin enough to create the illusion of detail.

What Is The Most Original Thing To Do With Leftover Ribbon?

While some of the projects we mentioned already are quite original, we think that ribbon embroidery is the most original project you will encounter. One thing is certain, it is an extremely original way to deal with your leftover ribbon.

When you embroider with ribbons, the ribbons cannot be too wide, much like the previously mentioned tassel project. However, when you do the embroidery in the right manner, then you will get an embroidery piece with a stunning texture that rivals you existing embroidery work.

If you don't like embroidery, we can also recommend making a nice ribbon wall hanging. Bohemian style is all the rage these days and some left-over ribbon can certainly help you create boho style decorations. Simply grab a brand and tie your leftover ribbons over it in a rob. Make sure that you leave the longest ribbons in the middle of the branch and the shortest ribbons on the ends.

Grab Some Ribbon For Your Crafting Projects At Spotlight!

Don't have any leftover ribbon to create some of the crafting projects we mentioned today? No need to worry, because Spotlight provides one of the largest collections of crafting ribbon. Our ribbon is suitable for floristry projects, but also for sewing and the home decoration projects we mentioned above.

In addition to ribbon, you can find other crafting supplies at Spotlight. We provide hot glue, glue guns, beads, gems and anything else you may need for the crafting projects you have in mind. Check out the collection today and grab some ribbon for a really attractive price!



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