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Decorating a plain wall

Being faced with a blank wall can be as exciting - and as overwhelming - as a blank canvas. Where do you start? With a little bit of creativity, there's so much that can be done.

Think about scale

Before you do anything, consider how scale and size will influence the overall effect. If your wall is large, then don't be afraid to go big with your wall art. Small art can look cluttered or disappear into the space or even look like a blemish on the wall.

Plot your display

Plan how your display will come together by laying out your different wall plaques, wall hangings and wall art on the floor. Mix and change it up if something doesn't sit well on the eye. Along with the wall itself, you need to think about how your display will complement the rest of your house and decor.

Repetition, repetition, repetition

If you're brave, you may like to use repetition to stunning effect (e.g. a wall of different sized and different styled mirrors) but, sometimes, too much of a good thing can be overkill. If you want your wall to stand out, it's worthwhile styling it in contrast to the rest of the house - just don't clash.

Make it special to you

Wall art with meaning makes your art display specific to you and your family. Framed charm bracelets or heirloom jewellery or trinkets collected during travels then box-framed and hung on the walls - all of these items will give a plain wall life and give you joy every time you look at it.

Wall decor ideas

Along with traditional concepts of wall art, there are other clever ways to spruce up the walls of your home. You just need to think outside the square.

Introduce patterns with wallpaper, stencilling or decorative paint techniques. Showcase a gorgeous piece of fabric by hanging it on the wall like a precious artwork. Give the illusion of more space by putting a mirror on the wall. Adorn your walls with words to create your own poetry or paint a mural or even a trompe l'oeil to bring a happy scene or a happy place into the home. Hang plates, install shelving or construct a green wall of plants, whether living or artificial.

As you can see, your walls can do so much more than just hold up your house!

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