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Create Professional Level Artworks With the Right Art Paper From Spotlight

When it comes to drawing and painting, having the right paper or canvas is just as important as choosing the best quality mediums. At Spotlight, you can find a wonderful selection of different art paper pads and visual diaries to create beautifully finished artworks and record all of your ideas. You can find pads of art paper for a range of drawing materials and watercolours, as well as black paper pads that make a fabulous base for illustrations in metallic pens or light-toned pastels.

Why Is It Important To Have Certain Papers For My Drawings Or Paintings?

Different drawing supplies require different types of papers to truly maximise the aesthetics and properties of that particular medium. For example, rough textured papers like pastel paper pads are specially created to work with charcoal, oil pastels and soft pastels. The surface texture encourages easy blending and shading, leaving you with the best possible results. Likewise, watercolour paper is designed to absorb moisture and prevent buckling and warping when using watercolour paints or pencils. If you're a beginner to a particular art form, don't be shy about getting the right materials. You don't have to go for the most expensive option, but matching your drawing pencils or pens to the right paper will help you get a good feel for the material and techniques. Plus, the resulting artwork will properly reflect your time, effort and progress!

Art Pads & Visual Diaries FAQs

What is a visual diary?

A visual diary is a bound book of art paper. They're designed to be a creative reference journal for ideas, notes, sketches, images and collages. With a range of different sizes available, they're also easily transportable so you can take advantage of creative inspiration whenever it strikes.

What is GSM?

GSM stands for grams per square metre and is a common indicator for how heavy (and therefore durable) a particular art paper is. As a guide, standard white photocopy paper is around 80 to 90 gsm. Drawing papers start at around 120 gsm, though you may find lighter weights intended for quick sketch work and rough designs. Watercolour paper comes in weights of 240 to 300 gsm, where the heavier weight offsets the moisture applied and helps it stay intact.

What does "tooth" mean for art paper?

Aside from GSM, another important consideration when it comes to art paper is the surface texture - often referred to as "tooth". A rough tooth paper is best for mediums like charcoal and pastel, as the texture helps the materials adhere to the surface and aids with blending and shading work.

What Other Art Supplies Can I Find At Spotlight?

When it comes to art materials and equipment, Spotlight has just about everything you can imagine for your projects! Here are just a few of the fabulous categories you can explore:

  • Paint & Painting Supplies: Discover a whole world of different paints, including acrylics, gouache, watercolour paints, oil paints and more. You can also find all the mark-making tools for your masterpieces such as the right paint brushes, palette knives, rollers and sponges.
  • Canvases & Boards: Find a range of different surfaces for creating beautiful paintings, drawings and collages.
  • Modelling: Our range of modelling supplies includes air dry clays and oven bake clays from leading brands including Sculpey - plus and a whole range of tools to create sculptures, beads and more!
  • Drawing Supplies: Explore a huge range of coloured pencils, sketching pencils, charcoal, markers and pastels to create any type of drawing your heart desires.

Elevate Your Creative Game With Art Papers & Supplies From Spotlight

If you're after fresh art supplies or want to try out a new creative hobby, pop into your nearest Spotlight store and explore our extensive range of art materials. Alternatively, you can make your purchases online and enjoy the convenience of having your papers, pens and paints home delivered. You can find great inspiration with our Create blogs, with informative articles such as how to use watercolour pencils and acrylic painting techniques.



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