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Enjoy your cocktail at home with our range of cocktail glasses that come in various sizes and styles. Shop cocktail glasses at Spotlight online.

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Make Every Drink Special With Cocktail Glasses From Spotlight

The right cocktail glass can take your mixed drinks to the next level, so make sure you grab your favourites from Spotlight today! Cocktails are one of the best (and tastiest) ways to take any event up a notch, and serving them in the correct cocktail glasses is an essential part of each creation. Look to popular brands like Royal Leerdam and Alpen for quality cocktail glasses you can rely on!

All The Cocktail Glasses You Need Are Here

Spotlight stocks all the major varieties of cocktail glasses, including:

  • Martini cocktail glasses - one of the most iconic cocktail glasses, a martini glass has a steep V-shaped body that is perfect for sipping out of.
  • Margarita cocktail glasses - with its wide rim and long stem, this cocktail glass is perfect for adding a garnish or two to your daiquiri or margarita.
  • Highball cocktail glasses - tall and thin, a highball glass is usually filled with ice to enjoy drinks on the rocks with.
  • Coupe cocktail glasses - these wide, flat glasses are ideal for cocktails served without ice, like a cosmopolitan.
  • Hurricane cocktail glasses - these tall, curvy glasses are for your bigger cocktails with a lot of ingredients, ice and garnishes.

Cocktail Glasses FAQs

What is a cocktail glass?

A cocktail glass is an especially designed drinking glass for cocktails and mocktails. There are different kinds of glasses for different kinds of cocktails, with variations in height, width and shape to suit different types of drinks.

What is a coupe cocktail glass?

Coupe cocktail glasses were originally made to drink champagne with, however the large rim meant the bubbles dispersed too quickly for the champagne to be properly enjoyed. It is a wide but shallow glass with a long stem designed to hold cocktails that have no ice and only small garnishes. The long stem allows you to hold the cocktail without warming it with your hand.

How to rim a cocktail glass

You will need a shallow plate that is wider than the rim of your cocktail glass. Add a layer of your chosen product to the plate (like salt or sugar), and wet the rim of your glass either with water or by running a fresh slice of fruit along it. Turn the glass upside down and press the damp rim into the filled plate. Your salt or sugar should adhere to the damp rim of your glass,

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Find The Right Cocktail Glasses At Spotlight

Drink in style from a stylish cocktail glass (or two) from Spotlight! You can buy online and have your glass, plastic and crystal cocktail glasses home delivered, or visit your nearest Spotlight store to choose in person. Make sure you are choosing the right glasses for your home by consulting our drinkware buying guide before making any purchases. And check out some of our blogs on drinkware and parties to put your cocktail glasses to good use, like our cleaning and storing glassware blog, our home bar blog and our Hawaiian theme party blog.



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